Tailored to industry: A sector-based approach

Laurent Allard, Vice-Chairman at OVH, talks about the company&#rsquo;s partnership with VMware and how being one of our key cloud providers is helping it build dedicated solutions tailored to meet industry compliance and regulations, such as OVH Healthcare.

Customers are living in a multi-cloud world; they&#rsquo;re relying on different types of cloud technologies, as well as their own dedicated servers to ensure they adapt to the growing demands of their business.

Our agenda is very much client driven. We adapt our solution development to the reactions we get from customers. Each customer has a different profile and they all have different starting points on their journeys to the cloud, or what they want to achieve in their business.

How to set us apart from rivals in the cloud space? Well, we have a clear strategic view that &#lsquo;one size fits all&#rsquo; for cloud just doesn&#rsquo;t work. We need hosted, private and public clouds. After all, you can&#rsquo;t paint a painting with a single colour. Our view is to be a cloud service provider for all companies, across industries and of all sizes. We don&#rsquo;t need to be a specialist in a vertical market - we are industry agnostic – but we are fully aligned, knowledgeable and skilled in industry trends and compliance. We adapt to make our services right for a customer. That&#rsquo;s what our expertise is – and it&#rsquo;s leveraged with our partnership with VMware.

We have a joint alignment with VMware, sharing common interests and goals through an outstanding relationship. VMware has been a key driver in us becoming a successful global provider of private cloud solutions since 2010 – and we continue to work with them as a trusted cloud service provider partner.

It&#rsquo;s such a close partnership that, the same day VMware announces a new solution, we&#rsquo;re ready to support it. And it works both ways. We listen to our customers&#rsquo; needs; they want to benefit from VMware&#rsquo;s stack without needing the expertise in-house to exploit it. They&#rsquo;re looking for a very dynamic type of provisioning with almost the same attributes as the public cloud – but from a dedicated, private-hosted VMware environment. They want the security, scalability and agility of a VMware solution but don&#rsquo;t want to focus on the technology – they want to focus on growing their business.

It&#rsquo;s in industrialising our innovative solutions that our partnership with VMware continues to prosper, so we&#rsquo;ve started to find ways in which we can help customers with sector-specific solutions. When you grow by 30% year on year, you can&#rsquo;t stay with the same long-term vision to stay up to date. You need to innovate, to be agile, and be able to react swiftly and stay ahead. And that is possible through VMware.

One of our biggest success stories in that field has been with OVH Healthcare. With OVH Healthcare, we host the information systems of healthcare organisations in an environment that meets even the most demanding industry regulations and compliance laws. We then provide an expert team of data hosting and medical specialists to help the organisation choose the private cloud environment best befitting of their needs. As ever, OVH has worked alongside VMware to create the different environments, but all are based on vCenter, vSphere, NSX and vRealize Operations. Customers can create their VMs from the vSphere interface and can configure access rules to their networks through NSX while using vRealize Operations to control and manage their infrastructure.

We actually developed the solution in line with French start-up Betterise Health Tech. The company was looking for a solution to support its mobile applications for diabetic patients, but when it wanted to extend its product range, offering mobile apps for diabetic patients, for example, it was faced with a legal constraint – it needed a licensed HDS host. It wanted to make use of our private cloud with VMware, so we designed OVH Healthcare and obtained HDS accreditation in November 2016. As French regulations are among the most protective of personal data, they often serve as a model in Europe. This shows just how secure our solution with VMware must be.

This is just one example. We&#rsquo;re looking forward to continuing on our journey with VMware to help support other organisations achieve the flexibility of the cloud with solutions dedicated to meeting the specific requirements of their sectors.

For us, that includes, but isn&#rsquo;t limited to: helping clients to invest in cloud services without worrying about being locked-in, managing sovereignty needs, scaling within private cloud, and managing the mix between legacy and new cloud services. If we can do all that for them, they can focus on innovating and driving the business forward; safe in the knowledge we&#rsquo;re providing the foundation to make it happen.

This blog is part of a broader series we&#rsquo;re running over the next couple of weeks, with our vCAN partners discussing their work supporting European businesses as they benefit from a cloud environment best suited to their needs.

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