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VMware + Google: New Collaboration Helps Companies Support & Manage Chromebooks Smarter

Companies can now enable, secure and manage Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices alongside all the its enterprise devices, thanks to a deeper collaboration between Google and VMware. Today’s announcement makes VMware Workspace ONE powered by VMware AirWatch the first unified endpoint management (UEM) solution to support and manage Google Chromebook devices.

Dive into the details on the AirWatch Blog.

“Partnering with one of the leading UEM providers shows Google’s commitment to bring Chrome OS to the enterprise. Simplifying the deployment and management of Chrome devices will only further incentivize IT leaders to allow end users choose Chrome for their work needs.”

—Phil Hochmuth, program director, Enterprise Mobility at IDC

Before today, enterprises had to manage Chromebooks and other Chrome devices separate from other enterprise devices in their environment. Now, as the only UEM provider capable of truly unifying management of all endpoints—even &#rsquo;things&#rdquo;—AirWatch customers can unlock even greater benefits from enabling Chromebooks within their enterprises, including:

  • Frictionless management of Chrome devices;
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO);
  • Robust enterprise security capabilities;
  • Enhanced user experience with access to all apps; and
  • Much, much more.

&#rsquo;Today&#rsquo;s modern worker uses multiple form factors every day, from mobile devices to PCs and increasingly purpose-built devices and even wearables. Plus, IoT &#lsquo;things&#rsquo; continue to emerge, often managed by UEM technologies like AirWatch. Through this partnership, VMware will be the first UEM provider to manage Google Chromebooks and provide true unified endpoint management of all enterprise platforms.&#rdquo;

—Jeff McGrath, senior director of product marketing, VMware End-User Computing (EUC)

Learn more about the expanded partnership between VMware and Google in today&#rsquo;s press release.

Ready to learn more about Workspace ONE for simply and securely delivering any app to any device? Try it out for yourself in our free hands-on lab.

Chrome OS management by AirWatch is expected to be generally available in fall 2017. Workspace ONE and Horizon support on Chrome OS devices is available today.

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VMware EUC All-Stars at VMworld: We’re Bringing out the Big Brains

That’s right. We’re bringing out the big brains, our senior solutions architects and technical marketing leaders for VMware End-User Computing (EUC). Learn directly from the people that know the technology best at these hands-on labs, breakout sessions, roundtable discussions and quick talks—only at VMworld 2017.

AirWatch Hands-on Labs at VMworld

Sign up in advance for expert-led workshops or check into self-paced labs on a first-come, first-serve basis with our AirWatch architect all-star team.

Meet Justin Sheets

Justin is a senior solutions architect with the VMware Technical Marketing team. He&#rsquo;s been with us two years in Atlanta, after working five years as a software developer. He helps build tools and support AirWatch Hands-on Labs automation.

Meet Shardul Navare

Shardul joined us right out of school, and he&#rsquo;s been an AirWatch employee for five years now. After multiple roles in pre-sales engineering, he moved to our team as a senior architect with focus on end-user computing (EUC), tech partner integrations and mobile application management (MAM).

  • Expert-Led Workshop:AirWatch Getting Started Workshop [ELW185701U]
  • Expert-Led Workshop:AirWatch with VMware Workspace ONE Workshop [ELW185703U]
  • Self-Paced Lab:AirWatch Android Management [SPL185707U]
  • Self-Paced Lab:AirWatch Getting Started [SPL185701U]
  • Self-Paced Lab:AirWatch Productivity Apps [SPL185704U]
  • Self-Paced Lab:AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management for Windows 10 [SPL185702U]
  • Self-Paced Lab: AirWatch Directory and Certificate Authority Integration [SPL185706U]
  • Self-Paced Lab:AirWatch with Workspace ONE [SPL185703U]
  • Self-Paced Lab:AirWatch Mobile Application Management and Developer Tools [SPL185705U]
  • Self-Paced Lab:AirWatch Technology Partner Integration [SPL185708U]

AirWatch Technical Breakout Sessions, Roundtables & Talks

AirWatch, Windows 10 and Horizon admins, these technical topics are for you! Learn from our best and brightest at EUC at these VMworld events.

Meet Matt Coppinger

Matt is our director of technical marketingfor VMware EUC. He leads a team of experienced EUC architects who develop technical deep dive content, reference architectures and hands-on labs for VMware field, partners and customers. Matt has worked on desktop virtualization since its inception at VMware in 2007—first in engineering, then as a field consultant, then as a global practice lead and finally through his role within Technical Marketing.

  • Breakout Session:Enabling Simple, Secure Access to Your VMware Horizon and Citrix Virtual Desktops and Apps with Workspace ONE [SAAM1150BU]
  • Breakout Session: Delivering Virtual Desktops and Apps via the Digital Workspace with Workspace ONE and Horizon [ADV1591BU]
  • Expert Roundtable:Delivering virtual desktops and apps via the Digital Workspace with Workspace ONE and Horizon with Matt Coppinger [MTE4820U]

MeetCamilo Lotero

Camilo, a senior technical marketing manager at VMware EUC, is our go-to guy for identity and access management expertise. Afive-year VMware employee, he’s worked across various teams including technical support, sales engineering and technical marketing. That includes serving as technical advisor for clients across market verticals, as well as providing technical enablement across VMware. A Georgia Tech grad, Camilo holds a degree in industrial and systems engineering.

  • Partner Exchange Bootcamp:Technical Deep Dive: Workspace ONE App Access & Security [PAR4405BCU]
  • Expert Roundtable: Enable Mobile Single Sign-on from Mobile Devices with Workspace ONE, Powered by AirWatch with Camilo Lotero [MTE4830U]
  • Breakout Session: Securing Access & Protecting Information in Microsoft Office 365 with Workspace ONE [SAAM2291BU]

Meet Josué Negrón

Josué serves as senior solutions architect at VMware EUC for Windows platforms, including Windows 10. Another five-year employee, Josué works with clients to define the best way to integrate the latest EUC technologies into their businesses to solve challenges associated with mobile device deployment, management and security. Another brilliant Georgia Tech grad, Josué holds a degree in computer engineering.

  • Partner Exchange Breakout Session: An Insider&#rsquo;s View Into Windows 10 Management with AirWatch [PAR4391BU]
  • Expert Roundtable: Taking a Cloud First, Modern IT Approach to Windows 10 Management withJosueNegron[MTE4828U]
  • Expert Roundtable: Elevates Your Windows Security Architecture withJosueNegron [MTE4827U]
  • Breakout Session: Today’s Cyberthreat Revolution: How VMware Elevates Your Windows Security Architecture [UEM1830BU]

MeetJosue Fontanez

Josue leads product marketing for identity management in Workspace ONE, driving technical enablement, business strategy, demand and awareness. As senior product line marketing manager at VMware, he’s also our identity evangelist online, through social media and at events. Before this role, he led product marketing for VMware Horizon Air (now VMware Horizon Cloud), and he spent time in product management and product marketing for cloud, systems management and security technologies at Citrix and Microsoft.

  • Quick Talk: Introduction to Password-Less Single Sign-On for Mobile Devices with Workspace ONE [SAAM1084QU]
  • Partner Exchange Breakout Session: Technical Deep Dive: Workspace ONE App Access and Security [PAR4392BU]
  • Breakout Session: Introduction to Access Management in Workspace ONE [SAAM2288BU]
  • Breakout Session: VMware on VMware: Winning a Single Sign-On Solution with Workspace ONE [SAAM1321BU]

Be there for it all—product announcements, free hands-on learning, access to EUC experts—at the biggest event of the year for EUC pros. Our last conference passes are waiting for you here.

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Empowering the Digital Workspace: How Corona-Norco Unified School District Does It

The award-winning Corona-Norco Unified School District serves more than 54,000 K-12 students from the California cities of Corona, Norco and Eastvale, as well as unincorporated parts of Riverside County. One of the 10 largest districts in the state, it employs approximately 5,000 people.

Like many public school districts, Corona-Norco has a goal to reduce capital expenses and technology costs overall for its schools to ensure equal access to technology. With costs rising and a small IT team challenged to drive all over a large, traffic-choked area to deliver services, the district faced a big choice when they decided to upgrade in-school computing: Buy more sophisticated and expensive hardware for each school, or take a different approach. They chose a suite of digital workspace solutions that make it simple and cost-effective to manage mobile devices, upgrade to Windows 10 and distribute and maintain apps using virtual desktops.


Digital Workspaces Put the Emphasis on Education, Not Patching

In 2012, the district started to roll out virtual desktops on zero clients at schools. Corona-Norco now supports 8,000 zero clients and around 5,000 virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) concurrent desktops—with a full-time staff of two. &#rsquo;We don&#rsquo;t see the support number changing dramatically as we significantly ramp up the number of devices,&#rdquo; said Brian Troudy, the district&#rsquo;s director of networking and infrastructure. Adding to the device count is the district&#rsquo;s embrace of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model for maximum flexibility and choice. VMware AirWatch and VMware Workspace ONE extend the district&#rsquo;s digital workspaces beyond classroom computers to tablets and laptops, allowing faculty, students and staff to access any app on any device at any time.

VMware end-user computing solutions have simplified application management and updates, including the district&#rsquo;s upgrade to Windows 10. With the ability to test and patch images &#rsquo;behind the scenes&#rdquo; from a central location, instead of sending IT staff to schools and taking computers out of service, operating system (OS) and app updates are easy to deploy. Said Troudy, &#rsquo;Using the Horizon suite, App Volumes, Thin App and UEM, we&#rsquo;re able to layer into a user’s connection the applications that they need based on certain criteria—the location, class that they&#rsquo;re enrolled in—and all of that can be done dynamically and automatically based on the integrations that we have with other business systems.&#rdquo; IT staff can now spend their efforts working one-on-one with their end users on effective use of technology instead of managing and maintaining the underlying technology.

Teacher Peter D&#rsquo;Agostino noted that he used to have to stay at school after hours and come in early to maintain and patch classroom computers. It could take weeks to get new software installed. Now with VMware Horizon VDI, apps for engineering, history, music production and many more topics run faster and more reliably. &#rsquo;I no longer have to spend time updating computers on my own, taking time away from students. Now I spend my time looking for ways for kids to learn better. It just changes the game.&#rdquo;


Money Saved on Technology Goes Back to Student Programs

The district estimates it&#rsquo;s saved $5 million on hardware so far, and more than $75,000 on energy costs alone, by switching to a VDI model. &#rsquo;We&#rsquo;re able to, with VMware technologies, deploy labs of computers to our students at a quarter of the cost,” said Troudy. &#rsquo;It&#rsquo;s also allowed us to keep the experience of the desktop that they&#rsquo;re using up to date and relevant. It&#rsquo;s a night-and-day experience for our students.&#rdquo;

&#rsquo;With VMware … we were able to provide end-user computing at a much lower cost than we did six or seven years ago. There&#rsquo;s nothing that makes me happier as a CIO than to be able to say, I get out of the way, and let the school do what they need to do to make sure the students receive the education they deserve.&#rdquo;
—Ben Odipo, CIO and Assistant Superintendent of Information Technology, Corona-Norco Unified School District


  • [Video] Western Carolina University Extends Digital Workspace Solutions Campus-Wide
  • VMware + Ellucian: Smart BYOD & Apps with VMware&#rsquo;s Secure Digital Backpack for Education
  • Empower the Digital Workspace: The VMware Customer Perspective

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6 Criteria That Help You Separate the EMM “Sheep” from “Goats”

Sheep Versus Goats

My high school German teacher had a saying: &#rsquo;Midterm exams separate the sheep from the goats.&#rdquo; From a sheep-herder&#rsquo;s perspective, sheep are superior. I grew up in cattle country with little regard for the neighboring county&#rsquo;s sheep-herder population, but I still held onto the idea. Someday, I would understand its meaning. When I accepted a position to evaluate enterprise mobility management (EMM) products, I was reminded of Herr Samson&#rsquo;s words, and I wondered:

&#rsquo;How does one separate the EMM sheep from the goats?&#rdquo;

With the myriad of EMM solutions on the market today, it&#rsquo;s difficult to know how to recognize the leader in the flock. For the seventh consecutive year, the Gartner Magic Quadrant for EMM gave a nod to VMware Workspace ONE, the integrated platform powered by AirWatch unified endpoint management (UEM) technology. That&#rsquo;s all well and good, but how do I know the solution has everything my organization needs?

I asked the smartest technical people I could find in Canada, California, Georgia and Texas.

Together, we came up with a list of the top six EMM buying criteria for enabling a totally mobile workforce, with our own workforce being a great testing ground:

  1. Does the solution support all our use cases?
  2. Can it scale with our organization?
  3. Do I need a PhD to use it?
  4. Will it support our existing application vendors and future security providers?
  5. Does it include Windows 10 management capabilities?
  6. Will it help us troubleshoot issues with our devices?

See It for Yourself

We liked the idea so much, one of the engineers, Stan Hunter, created a demo video showcase Workspace ONE&#rsquo;s unique capabilities in addressing these criteria and why we like to use it so much ourselves.

Summary of Our Findings: 6 Selection Criteria for Enabling a Totally Mobile Workforce

1. Does the solution support our use cases?

Yep. Workspace ONE the most complete endpoint management solution on the market. No matter the use case, the vertical industry or the region of the world, Workspace ONE has the capabilities to meet your specific needs. Stan&#rsquo;s demo video shows a quick example of Workspace ONE accessing any app from any device by launching a native app from an iPad without requiring any added configuration.

Over the last 11 years, Workspace ONE grew to meet the needs of thousands of customers in all verticals and regions of the world. Customers often say, &#rsquo;you can grow into AirWatch (and Workspace ONE), but you can&#rsquo;t grow out of it.”

2. Can it scale with our organization?

Yep. Scaling means more than just adding compute power. It also means including the management chops to enable a large enterprise deployment. Workspace ONE has several layers of &#rsquo;multi-tenancy&#rdquo; for ease in separating disparate groups.

At its core, Workspace ONE offers a multi-tenant architecture by using organization groups. These groups can separate customers within a single instance or can separate business units or geographical regions within a single customer&#rsquo;s tenant. In addition to organization groups, Workspace ONE has smart groups.

Smart groups live inside an organization group and provide an additional layer of separation between devices and users. This allows administrators to easily apply profiles and applications to specific groups of users or devices—at scale and with ease.

3. Do I need a PhD to use it?

Nope. Workspace ONE&#rsquo;s administration console is an easy-to-use tool that provides admins with a best-in-class console to easily access its superior features and functions. The admin console also supports role-based administration, which provides the ability to restrict access for certain administrators or groups. Seeing is believing.

In his demo, Stan shows the powerful and easy-to-use Workspace ONE admin console. Industry curated templates make it easy for admins to rollout out industry-standard policies and apps to their users with a simple mouse click, among other time-saving capabilities.

4. Will it support our existing application vendors and future security providers?

Yep. Workspace ONE provides application security by integrating with application vendors and identity solutions to ensure users are properly authenticated in a quick and easy manner. Workspace ONE also provides conditional access to applications based on device posture.

Workspace ONE provides second-to-none integrations with third-party certificate authorities using both SCEP and direct API integrations. These integrations allow customers to distribute certificates to all device types and can be used in many authentication scenarios, such as Wi-Fi, VPN and email. Existing and future security vendor support is enabled with our open ecosystem and easy API access.

4. Does it include Windows 10 management capabilities?

Yep. VMware partnered with Microsoft to provide the most complete Windows 10 endpoint management solution on the market. Workspace ONE manages not only typical mobile device management (MDM) features, but also application deployment and Windows updates. It combines the management features of MDM with those of PC Lifecycle Management (PCLM) solutions to provide customers with a complete Windows 10 management solution.

5. Will it help us troubleshoot issues with our devices?

Yep. Workspace ONE provides administrators the ability to quickly and easily troubleshoot an individual device or groups of devices. Admins can add and remove device profiles and applications directly from a device without requiring the user to un-enroll and re-enroll the device. In addition, the console provides individual device events and targeted logging for enhanced troubleshooting.

Admins can also create custom reports about device status, application installation status, all from a single console.

There Is More

VMware partners with best-of-breed solutions to provide a complete security solution for mobile devices. Workspace ONE supports the VMware Mobile Security Alliance (MSA), the AppConfig Community and has a complete set of APIs.

Custom configuration of applications on devices has typically required a custom SDK or application wrapping—a process that requires application developers to create multiple versions of their application to support different EMM vendors. VMware created AppConfig to be a standard interface that takes advantage of features that are native to iOS and Android, making it easier for developers to create transportable apps.

Guess Who?

Stay tuned later this month for a detailed comparison report that shows which vendors we used for comparison in this exercise. Feel free to &#rsquo;guess who&#rdquo; in the comment section below, and sign up for our EUC Blog newsletter to get the alert when it is live.

Sheep It Is

After this evaluation, I could see the wisdom in Herr Samson&#rsquo;s philosophy. Like midterm exams, there are winners and losers.

Workspace ONE aced this group&#rsquo;s midterm test and easily made it into the sheep category above the rest. The team of experts who worked on this evaluation include: Stan Hunter, Leon Letto, Roger Deane, Josue Negron, Prab Kalra and Camilo Lotero.


No sheep or goats were injured in the writing of this article and no biases are held by the author. Both species offer advantages. In doing research for this article, I learned Herr Samson&#rsquo;s reference comes from the Bible and feel compelled to add that this article has no religious affiliation

Hear first hand how leading companies empower the digital workspace for transformation during VMworld. Register for the EUC Showcase keynote to hear their stories, dive into brand new innovations and much more. Seats are going fast, so register today!

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Calling Mobility Partners! Don’t Miss EUC Sessions at Partner Exchange @ VMworld 2017

Want to grow your VMware AirWatch license and services sales and keep up with the digital workspace trend? Curious about what&#rsquo;s new and what’s next for VMware Partners? Look no further.

Partner Exchange (PEX) @ VMworld 2017 is almost here! Join VMware executives, partner teams and fellow technology partners in Las Vegas, Aug. 27and Barcelona, Sept. 11.

Developed with mobility partners in mind, the end-user computing (EUC) content is more robust than ever! You&#rsquo;ll hear the latest industry trends along with go-to-market best practices to take your business to the next level.

Here are must-attend sessions to help you get the most out of PEX and after.

Hear from VMware Execs

Business Growth Series: Embracing Digital Transformation

Join this not-to-be missed keynote and hear from a business futurist for a forward-thinking take on digital transformation and its impact on companies as they embrace the digital age. You&#rsquo;ll also hear from Sumit Dhawan about how these digital trends and VMware technology, paired with your expertise, position you as the strategic advisor to enable customer success with digital transformation. What are you waiting for? Add this to your agenda now!


  • Sumit Dhawan, VMware EUC SVP & GM
  • Special Guest Speaker (The name will only be released to those who register for the session!)

Add #PAR4417KU via VMware U.S. schedule builder.Add #PAR4417KE via VMware Europe schedule builder.

Partner Exchange General Session

Learn what&#rsquo;s new before your customers do! You don&#rsquo;t want to miss this opportunity to hear from Pat Gelsinger and Ross Brown as they share the overall VMware strategy for partners and how it&#rsquo;s expanding opportunities across all routes to market. This session will take place at 11:15 a.m. in both cities on their corresponding dates.


  • Pat Gelsinger, VMware Chief Executive Office
  • Ross Brown, VMware SVP Worldwide Partners and Alliances

Embrace the Digital Workspace

VMware Solution Selling for Partners: Empower the Digital Workspace—Simplify App Access and Management (Two-Part Workshop)

In this two-part workshop, you&#rsquo;ll learn how to present solutions to your customer in their own language. Hear industry challenges and business priorities from the perspective of a CXO and learn how to deliver business value with VMware Workspace ONE.


  • Kevin Strohmeyer, VMware Senior Director of Product Marketing
  • William LaHam, Speaker for Laham & Assoc. (VMworld U.S.)
  • Karen Laidler, Former CIO for K Laidler (VMworld Europe)

Part 1

Add #PAR4354BU via VMware U.S. schedule builder.Add #PAR4354BE via VMware Europe schedule builder.

Part 2

Add #PAR4355BU via VMware U.S. schedule builder.Add #PAR4355BE via VMware Europe schedule builder.

Selling Workspace ONE: Identifying Large Opportunities in the Emerging Digital Workspace Market

The emerging digital workspace market is the result of employees demanding an improved mobile work experience. Workspace ONE can give customers the any-app, any-device experience their employees want. Get on board early and learn how to have powerful conversations that can identify large, strategic opportunities with significant services drag.


  • Kevin Strohmeyer (VMware U.S.)
  • Jeff McGrath, VMware Senior Director of Product Marketing (VMware U.S.)
  • Spencer Pitts, VMware EUC Chief Technologist (VMworld Europe)
  • Mark Roscoe, VMware EUC UK Partner Manager (VMworld Europe)

Add #PAR4390BU via U.S. schedule builder.Add #PAR4390BE via Europe schedule builder.

Technical Deep Dive: Workspace ONE App Access and Security

This session will provide a technical overview of the Workspace ONE solution for identity-defined workspaces.


  • Josue Fontanez, VMware Senior Product Line Marketing Manager (VMware U.S.)
  • Prab Kalra, VMware Director of Technical Marketing (VMware U.S.)
  • Morgan Abaziou, VMware Senior System Engineer (VMworld Europe)
  • Camille Debay, VMware Support Account Manager (VMworld Europe)

Add #PAR4392BU via U.S. schedule builder.Add #PAR4392BE via Europe schedule builder.

Overview of Workspace ONE Deployments and Services IP to Leverage

VMware consultants will share their on-the-job experience supporting top Workspace ONE consulting and deployment projects.


  • Dale Carter, VMware EUC Architect for Global Professional Services Engineering (VMware U.S.)
  • Mike Marx, VMware Senior Solutions Architect for Solutions & Services Engineering (VMware U.S.)
  • Travis Wood, VMware Principal Architect (VMworld Europe)
  • Nick Jeffries, VMware Senior Solutions Architect (VMworld Europe)

Add #PAR4393BU via VMworld U.S. schedule builder.Add #PAR4393BE via VMworld Europe schedule builder.

Dive into Windows10

An Insider&#rsquo;s View into Window 10 Management with VMware AirWatch

Experience the power of Windows 10 PC management with AirWatch in this deep-dive demonstration. Learn how AirWatch can unify mobile and PC management into a single console to reduce IT costs, improve security and deliver a peak user experience.


  • Josue Negron, VMware Senior Solutions Architect (VMware US)
  • Morgan Abaziou (VMworld Europe)
  • Camille Debay (VMworld Europe)

Add #PAR4391BU via VMworld U.S. schedule builder.Add #PAR4391BE via VMworld Europe schedule builder.

Take a Test Drive

EUC TestDrive Demo Platform: Pre-Configured Demos to Shorten the Sales Cycle

Save the time and expense of building your own EUC demo environment by using TestDrive, VMware&#rsquo;s cloud-based platform for demonstrating EUC solutions. Learn how to easily leverage pre-configured demos to shorten the sales cycle.


  • Paige Burns, VMware Technical Specialist (VMworld U.S.)
  • Kunal Shah, VMware Technical Architect, VMware (VMworld U.S.)
  • Spencer Pitts (VMworld Europe)
  • Andy Philip, VMware EMEA Solution Product Marketing (VMworld Europe)

Add #PAR4389BU via VMworld U.S. schedule builder.Add #PAR4389BE via VMworld Europe schedule builder.

Remember, PEX is only the beginning! During VMworld, there will be over 60 EUCsessions covering all things new with Workspace ONE, AirWatch and VMware Horizon. You can also catch a few technology partner sessions with speakers from Google, Dell, Microsoft and more. And don&#rsquo;t forget to stop by the Mobility Zone to visit a few dozen of our closest mobility partners!

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Hurry! Our 10 Most Popular EUC Sessions @ VMworld Are Filling Up Fast!

We&#rsquo;re less than one month away from VMworld. And with thousands already registered for what promises to be the biggest end-user computing (EUC) event of the year, space is nearly gone in our top sessions.

From an action-packed EUC spotlight keynote to immersive hands-on labs, VMworld promises to be the one EUC event you can&#rsquo;t afford to miss. Join us at VMworld. Get started here.

We have nearly 100 sessions dedicated to all things digital workspace, virtual desktops, enterprise apps, mobility, Windows 10, cloud and security. Our technical experts are ready to deliver immersive demo and lab experiences that will make you the hands-down expert in your company. Finally, VMware&#rsquo;s leadership team is unveiling major innovations and partner integrations for our industry-leading products: VMware Horizon, VMware Workspace ONE, VMware AirWatch, VMware App Volumes and so many more.

Already joining us? Here are the top 10 most popular EUC sessions at VMworld you cannot afford to miss:

1. Spotlight Keynote: Delivering New User Experiences with the Digital Workspace


  • Sumit Dhawan, SVP and GM End-User Computing, VMware
  • Shawn Bass, VP and CTO End-User Computing, VMware
  • Noah Wasmer, SVP Mobile Products, VMware

Add to your agenda:

  • VMworld U.S. session EDW7002KU
  • VMworld Europe session EDW7002KE

You cannot miss this spotlight keynote. Seriously, put it on your agenda ASAP! The who&#rsquo;s who in EUC will be on stage to share breaking product news, demo our powerful new technologies and feature the customers breaking the EUC mold at the biggest brands in the world.

On VMworld&#rsquo;s largest stage, you will hear from customers, partners and innovators at VMware who are building on intelligence to transform the way their organizations securely empower the workforce for a better user experience.

Forward-thinking IT leaders will share how they are creating digital workspace strategies to harness the power of new apps, devices and connected things to:

  • Transform business processes;
  • Drive engagement; and
  • Boost productivity for every employee.

Finally, hear breaking product news—and see these groundbreaking innovations in action—before we announce it to the rest of the world.

2. Spotlight Session: Evolution of Endpoint Management within a Digital Workspace


  • Hendrik Harder,Senior Manager Mobile IT,Siemens AG (VMworld U.S.)
  • Brian Link,Sr. Director, UX Strategy & Engineering,Capital One (VMworld U.S.)
  • Jürgen Bodtländer,VP Portfolio - and Partner Management,Deutsche Bahn (VMworld Europe)
  • Roberto Neto,Senior Service Manager Mobile IT,Siemens (VMworld Europe)
  • Noah Wasmer,SVP Mobile Products,VMware

Add to your agenda:

  • VMworld U.S. session UEM3155SU
  • VMworld Europe session UEM3155SE

Meeting user expectations for anywhere, anytime, any-device access is becoming increasingly complex for organizations that continue to live in silos of desktop, mobile, and every other kind of endpoint.

Join Noah Wasmer, Senior Vice President of Mobile Products at VMware, as he shares his perspective on the evolution of endpoint management into a device-agnostic platform enabling a smarter and more secure workspace for the business.

We turn the spotlight on our customers themselves as they share their journeys to radically transform PC management, unify management across desktop to the Internet of things and enable transformative experiences for users and IT.

3. Spotlight Session: Goodbye, VDI 1.0. Hello, VDI 2.0.


  • Shankar Iyer, SVP and GM Desktop Products, VMware

Add to your agenda:

  • VMworld U.S. session ADV3156SU
  • VMworld Europe session ADV3156SE

The digital workspace is about providing intuitive and secure access to all apps, including mobile, web, software-as-a-service and Windows apps. But supporting these Windows apps has evolved beyond VDI 1.0. IT organizations are cobbling together a basic solution to provision and broker access. Today, customers need a converged approach that:

  • Takes advantage of consolidated policy and management for contextual access.
  • Ties Windows desktop and app access directly into the digital workspace.
  • Harnesses the power of the software-defined data center.
  • Supports organizations on premises and in the cloud.

Join this session with Shankar Iyer and special guests to find out how VMware is bringing converged VDI and your end-to-end digital workspace to life.

4. TheTransformationofIdentity&AccessManagementin theAgeof theDigitalWorkspace


  • David Schira,Director of Architecture,Western Digital
  • Tony Kueh,Vice President, Product Management,VMware
  • Sridevi Ravuri,Sr. Director, R&D, Workspace ONE,VMware

Add to your agenda:

  • VMworld U.S. session SAAM3157SU

We are in the age of the digital workspace. Your users are clamoring for access to their data and apps from any device, including from personal devices. Your business expects IT to maintain security and eliminate the leakage of any sensitive information. How do you maintain this balance between end-user productivity and security? We believe the industry needs to evolve to focus on controlling access based on a new access control layer.

In this Spotlight Session, the VMware leadership team will discuss how Workspace ONE is built on a powerful access control layer that is dynamic, based on context. This access control layer in Workspace ONE transforms how organizations implement access control without compromising the end-user experience.

5. What&#rsquo;s New in Horizon 7: Technical Deep Dive


  • Tony Huynh, Director Product Management, VMware (VMworld U.S.)
  • John Wilkinson, Senior Consultant, VMware (VMworld Europe)
  • Graeme Gordon, Senior End User Computing Architect, VMware

Add to your agenda:

  • VMworld U.S. session ADV1586BU
  • VMworld Europe session ADV1586BE

Delivering desktop and applications just became even easier with Horizon 7 and the Just-in-Time Management platform. Provision faster and improve your management and how you scale using VMware Instant Clone technology for fast desktop and Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) provisioning, VMware App Volumes for real-time application delivery and VMware User Environment Manager for contextual policy management.

This session will give technical details and demos of the latest features and advancements of Horizon 7, including Instant Clones for RDSHs, virtual graphic processing unit (vGPU) support for Instant Clones, anonymous login and more.

6. Building a Multi-Cloud Strategy with Horizon Cloud Service


  • Shikha Mittal, Director of Product Management, VMware (VMworld U.S.)
  • Bharath Rangarajan, VP of Product Marketing, VMware (VMworld Europe)
  • Peter Brown, Director of R&D, VMware

Add to your agenda:

  • VMworld U.S. session ADV1604BU
  • VMworld Europe session ADV1604BE

Organizations are going from asking whether cloud is appropriate to adopting multiple clouds at the same time. They are relying on services from a mixture of private and public clouds depending on business needs and independent cloud strengths.

In this session, we will preview the latest addition to the service where you can now deliver Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. You will learn how you can combine the benefits of remote desktops and applications as-a-service from VMware and the flexibility to choose a public, consumption-based IaaS like Azure, making it easier and more cost-effective to deploy and scale your digital workspace.

7. Digital Workspace & Security Transformation with Workspace ONE & Hybrid Cloud


  • TJ Vatsa, Principal Architect, VMware
  • Shawn Bass, VP & CTO End User Computing, VMware
  • John Drummond, Sr. Director of Information Systems, VMware
  • Aman Garg, Sr. Director, Technical Sales, VMware
  • Prab Kalra, Director, Technical Marketing, VMware

Add to your agenda:

  • VMworld U.S. session LDT3091PU
  • VMworld Europe session LDT3091PE

Follow the footsteps of VMware&#rsquo;s R&D, IT and field CTO ambassadors from the Professional Services (PS) organization to get real-life insight into how mobility and identity use cases can be successfully deployed and scaled on the hybrid cloud via Workspace ONE.

The VMware PS design approach covers the planning, designing, deployment, and measurement process for successful IT and business outcomes. This session is relevant to a variety of industry verticals, including but not limited to financial, healthcare, education, point-of-sale, services, high-tech, manufacturing, hospitality and others.

8. How Customers Overcame Challenges & Seized Opportunity with Windows 10


  • Cliff DuPuy, EdS, Technical Services Director, Mecklenburg County
  • Mark Dunkerley, Technology Manager, The Coca-Cola Company (Bottling Investments Group)
  • Ryan Kremkau, Director of Innovation/Strategy, Capital One
  • Mark Margevicius, Director of EUC Strategy and Chief Customer Advocate, VMware

Add to your agenda:

  • VMworld U.S. session UEM1797PU

According to Microsoft, more than 96% of customers are in a POC for Windows 10, but many struggle with how to move from POC to production. In this session, you will hear from customers who have successfully migrated to Windows 10 and support a variety of use cases, including branch office, remote worker, and line-of-business scenarios.

The customer panel will discuss challenges and pitfalls to avoid in migrating to Windows 10, the benefits of moving to the new OS and the value created from migrating to a modern management approach with AirWatch.

9. Ask the Experts: How to Enable Secure Access from Personal/BYO Devices & All Types of Users with Workspace ONE


  • Vikas Jain, Director, Product Management, Workspace ONE, VMware
  • Prab Kalra, Director, Technical Marketing, VMware

Add to your agenda:

  • VMworld U.S. session SAAM1684GU

More than ever before, you have a broad range of device types and users that want to access corporate resources. This includes employees, contractors, and contingent staff who need access, and oftentimes they want access from personal/BYO devices. How do you enable secure access without impacting end-user productivity?

This group discussion will feature experts who will walk you through security and access capabilities in Workspace ONE to ensure IT has the tools they need to protect corporate resources, regardless of the type of user or device.

10. An Insider&#rsquo;s View into Windows 10 Management with AirWatch: Technical Deep Dive


  • Jason Roszak, Product Manager, VMware (VMworld U.S.)
  • Gareth Kitson, Senior Systems Engineer, VMware (VMworld Europe)
  • Alexander Bruns, Digital Workplace Services & Solutions, DB Systel GmbH (VMworld Europe)

Add to your agenda:

  • VMworld U.S. session UEM1745BU
  • VMworld Europe session UEM1745BE

Traditional approaches to Windows management are expensive, complex for IT organizations, and restrictive for users. Windows 10 changes what’s possible for users, IT departments and businesses, including how devices can be managed with a modern mobile device management APIs, how updates occur and more.

We will provide a technical deep dive into some of the many changes and enhancements that have been added to Windows 10, such as enrollment, application delivery and patch management. In addition, we will compare traditional PC lifecycle management solutions to managing a Windows 10 computer using AirWatch and the resulting lower costs, greater security and improved end-user experience.

Bonus Session: Empowered Users & Rapid Returns: Lessons from the Digital Workspace

Learn more about VMware’s innovative digital workspace platform, VMware Workspace ONE.


  • Brian Gammage,Chief Market Technologist,VMware

Add to your agenda:

  • VMworld U.S. session UEM1404BU
  • VMworld Europe session UEM1404BE

The digital workspace redefines the user experience as centered around the person, rather than the things they use. It enables a fundamental transformation of the relationship between IT and users, from push-based control to demand-based choice. Access to corporate applications and data can be combined seamlessly with the user&#rsquo;s personal environment, without compromise to enterprise security or user privacy. Successful deployments deliver improved employee engagement and a significant return on investment.

In this session, we share lessons learned from our customers and offer a firsthand look at VMware&#rsquo;s own journey to the digital workspace.

Haven&#rsquo;t registered yet? Secure your spot in the top 10 popular EUC sessions today! Click here to start.

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  • New @ VMworld: Industry Workshops & Showcase for Financial Services, Healthcare, Government & Retail
  • Here&#rsquo;s What EUC Experts Can Expect at VMworld 2017

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Easy as 9.1.1-2-3: VMware AirWatch EMM Feature Pack Review

Use the VMware AirWatch EMM feature pack review to learn about the added features added and bug fixes in the latest releases of the AirWatch Console.

VMware AirWatch EMM Feature Pack v9.1.3

Check out the latest features in theVMware AirWatch EMM Feature Pack v9.1.3 release!

New!Deploy Custom Bootstrap Packages for macOS

VMware AirWatch EMM Feature Packv9.1.2

The post Easy as 9.1.1-2-3: VMware AirWatch EMM Feature Pack Review appeared first on VMware End-User Computing Blog.

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Mercy Innovates from the Data Center to the Patient Bedside

Mercy is an integrated healthcare organization with 43 hospitals and more than 700 physician practices and outpatient facilities, serving more than 3 million patients a year. Through technology, Mercy wants to be better partners with their patients, giving them more guidance and preventing problems before they happen.

Mercy received the 2016 HiMMS Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence for using health information technology to improve patient care and the bottom line. VMware helps Mercy innovate in healthcare from the data center to the patient&#rsquo;s bedside.

  • Mercy&#rsquo;s goal is to analyze data to provide better outcomes for patients – making sure they have the right product for the right patient at the right time - and also to keep that data secure with VMware NSX and VMware vRealize Automation.
  • Mercy is using the VMware vCloud Air partner network to provide general healthcare-class hosting
  • Mobile devices increase care in patients&#rsquo; homes, extending their clinical care team. Mercy also uses the tablet-based Mercy Bedside app, managed by VMware AirWatch, which patients and their families can use while in the hospital to ease the care process.

“The role that VMware has played … really is enabling the technology. Building these solutions is impossible without the ability to utilize technology as seamlessly as we use our stethoscopes.&#rdquo;
—Todd Stewart, Vice President of Clinical Integrated Solutions, Mercy

Learn more about innovative solutions for healthcare at vmware.com/solutions/industry/healthcare.

Because you liked this video:

  • VMware Horizon VDI Powers WCH’s Hospital of the Future
  • Case Study: Halton Healthcare Modernizes Data Centers & Expands with New Hospital
  • American Red Cross Uses VDI for Faster Disaster Relief


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VMware AirWatch 101: Honeywell Dolphin CT50 Bar Code Enrollment

The bar code enrollment workflow simplifiesenrollment intoVMware AirWatchfor Honeywell Dolphin CT50 devices. While Android Lollipop devices support bar code enrollment, Android Marshmallow devices require slightly different AirWatch Console configurations to enable this workflow. Today’s post covers the configurations and bar code enrollment workflow for Honeywell Dolphin CT50devices on Android Marshmallow.

Honeywell Dolphin CT50 Bar Code Enrollment

In the following workflow, the EZConfig Editor (designed for the Windows OS on a PC) produces two sets of bar codes. The first contains the information required to establish a Wi-Fi configuration on the Honeywell CT50. The second set contains the information to enroll the Honeywell CT50 into VMware AirWatch.The bar codes are presented from within the EZConfig Editor application directly on the PC display. Then, use the EZConfig for Scanning utility on a Honeywell CT50 deviceto scan the bar codes.

Download and Install the EZConfig Editor

The first step in the workflow is to install the EZConfig Editor. Later, you’ll use the EZConfig Editor tocreate bar codes thatestablish Wi-Fi settings and enroll devices into VMware AirWatch.

1. From your Windows PC, click the Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions link.

2. Click the Software tab. Under Tools and Utilities, click the Honeywell EZConfig for Mobility Setup r411The file version number may vary depending on the update schedule from Honeywell. link and download the associated ZIP file.

3. Unzip the file, and run the setup.exe file.

4. When complete, the EZConfig Editor window appears on the PC.

Check the Honeywell CT50 for the Power Tools Application

After installing the EZConfig Editor, confirm that the correct version of the Power Tools Application installed on the device.

  1. On the Honeywell CT50 apps screen, look for the Power Tools icon.
  2. If not present, proceed to the section: Download and Install the Power Tools Application on the Honeywell CT50.
  3. If present, selectPower Tools > Diagnostic Information > About and check the version number.
  4. If the Power Tools version is lower than4.01.00.3791, proceed to thesectionDownload and Install the Power Tools Application on the Honeywell CT50.
  5. If the Power Tools version is or higher, proceed to the section: Use the EZConfig Editor to Establish Honeywell CT50 Wi-Fi Settings.

Download and Install the Power Tools Application on the Honeywell CT50

Take corrective action if you discovered the Power Tools application was not installed, or was running the wrong version. Simply download and install the Power Tools application suite.

1. Open the Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutionspage in your browser.

2. Under the Tools and Utilities section, click the Software tab, and download the Honeywell_CommonES_Android_3.15.3150.zip ZIP fileThe file version number may vary depending on the update schedule from Honeywell..

3. Once download completes, establish a USB connection between your PC and the Honeywell CT50.

4. On the Honeywell CT50&#rsquo;s internal storage card, copy the file to the /Honeywell/autoinstall folder.

5. On the Honeywell CT50, hold down the power button and select Reboot to trigger the application’s installation.

6. After installation successfully completes, click the Power Tools app to access the EZConfig for Scanning utility.

Use the EZConfig Editor to Establish Honeywell CT50 Wi-Fi Settings

After installing the software necessary for barcode enrollment, establish Honeywell CT50 Wi-Fi settings using the EZConfig Editor.

1. Establish a USB connection between your PC and the Honeywell CT50

2. From the Honeywell CT50 upload the DeviceConfig.xml file to the PC.

2. In the EZConfig Editor, navigate toFile > Open >Internal Storage > Honeywell > ezconfig > generatedAdd a Tooltip Text.

3. Select the DeviceConfig.xml file, and click Open.

4. Select DeviceConfig > Connection Settings > Radio Manager > Supplicant > Profile 1, and enter the valuesField values are described in the Key: PSK panel. to modify the Wi-Fi settings in the DeviceConfig.xml file.

5. Select File > Save As, and save the settings to an EXM file for future use. You can give the file a unique name, specific to your own requirements.

6. In the EZConfig Editor, select File > Create EZConfig Bar Code.

7. In the EZConfig Bar Code window, reviewthe resulting bar code.

7. On the Honeywell CT50, selectPower Tools > EZConfig for Scanning utility andscan the bar code.


After establishing a Wi-FiIf scanning multiple barcodes, the Wi-Fi connection may not establish. In this instance, reboot the Honeywell CT50 to establish the connection. connectionfor the Honeywell CT50,create access to files for VMware AirWatch enrollment.

Creating Access to Files for VMware AirWatch Enrollment

Return tothe EZConfig Editor, and establish access to the files used for VMware AirWatch enrollment:

1. Openyour browser, and log into the VMware AirWatch Console. Navigate toDevices > Staging & Provisioning > Staging, and click Add to create an Android Staging Package.

2. In the Staging window, enter the desired Enrollment User and Password credentials, and leave the Manifest tab empty.

3. In the upper-right corner of the Staging window, click the down arrow, and select Sideload Staging.

4. In the Generate Sideload Staging Package window, click the Organization Group field and select a group to configure device assignment. Leavethe Universal check box deselected.

5. Click Download to download the Sideload Staging ZIP file to your PC, and save the file to a convenient location.

6. On your PC, locate and unzip the file, and open the enrollment folder.

7. From the enrollment folder, upload the credentials.bin file to a file repository accessible to the Honeywell CT50. Take note of the path for future configuration within the EZConfig Editor.

8. From the VMware AirWatch Resources Portal, upload the latest VMware AirWatch Android Agent to the same file repository to be accessed by the Honeywell CT50. Again, take note of the path for future configuration within the EZConfig Editor.

Note: If you cannot access the VMware AirWatch Android Agent, request access from the VMware AirWatch Support Team via a Help Desk Ticket.

9. From the VMware AirWatch Resources Portal, upload the latest Honeywell Services APK file to the same file repository to be accessed by the device. Again, take note of the path for future configuration within the EZConfig Editor.

Note: If you cannot access the Honeywell Services APK file, request access from the VMware AirWatch Support Team via a Help Desk Ticket.

You have finished creating access to files for VMware AirWatch enrollment. The next step is to establish settings for VMware AirWatch enrollment in the EZConfig Editor on the PC.

Configure the EZConfig Editor for VMware AirWatch Enrollment

After creating file access for enrollment, establish settings for VMware AirWatch enrollment in the EZConfig Editor on the PC.

1. Download the Provisioner_bin.exm file toyour PC tomodify it within the EZConfig Editor.

2. In the EZConfig Editor, locatethe provisioner_bin.exm file.

3. Select File > Open to choose and open the file and see its Task folders.

4. In the first Task folder of the EZConfig Editor, modify the Value field entry to make the credentials.bin file available for enrollment.

  • Source – Repository link to the .bin file with a/ format. For example:<link>/credentials.bin
  • Action – Contains the action commandInstallFile.
  • Destination – Storage location on the device.For example:/sdcard/credentials.bin

5. In the second Task folder, modify the Value field entry to install the Honeywell Services APK file.

  • Source – Repository link to the Honeywell Services APK file using the / format. For example: /HoneywellService-release-1.2.apk
  • Action – Contains the action commandInstallApk.
  • Launch – Android intent command that uses the unique Android bundle ID of the Honeywell Services APK file. For example: am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n com.airwatch.admin.honeywell/.HoneywellActivity.

6. In the third Task folder, modify the Value field entry to install the VMware AirWatch Agent APK file.

  • Source – Repository link to the VMware AirWatch Agent APK file using the / format. For example: /AirWatchAgent-playstore-release-
  • Action – Contains the action commandInstallApk
  • Launch – Android intent command that uses the unique Android bundle ID of the VMware AirWatch Agent APK file. For example: am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n com.airwatch.androidagent/com.airwatch.agent.ui.activity.SplashActivity -e hideui true


7. In the fourth Task folder, modifythe Value field entry to allow the AirWatch Agent to have access READ access to the external storage card.

  • Source – Repository link to the VMware AirWatch Agent APK file using the / format. For example: /AirWatchAgent-playstore-release-
  • Action – Contains the action commandRun
  • Launch – Android intent command that uses the unique Android bundle ID of the VMware AirWatch Agent APK file. For example: pm grant com.airwatch.agent.action.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

7. In the fifthTask folder, modifythe Value fieldentry to perform the enrollment process.

  • Source – Repository link to the VMware AirWatch Agent APK file using the / format. For example: /AirWatchAgent-playstore-release-
  • Action – Contains the action commandRun
  • Launch – Android intent command that uses the unique Android bundle ID of the VMware AirWatch Agent APK file. For example: am broadcast -a com.airwatch.agent.action.IMPORT_CREDENTIAL_XML -e file /sdcard/credentials.bin --user 0

8. In the sixth Task folder, modifythe Value field toimport the BINfile used by the VMware AirWatch Agent for enrollment.

  • Source – Repository link to the VMware AirWatch Agent APK file using the / format. For example: /AirWatchAgent-playstore-release-
  • Action – Contains the action commandRun
  • Launch – Android intent command that uses the unique Android bundle ID of the VMware AirWatch Agent APK file. For example: am broadcast -a com.airwatch.agent.action.AUTO_ENROLL --user 0

9. Return tothe EZConfig Editor main menu.

  • Select File > Save, and name the file.
  • SelectFile > Create EZConfig Bar Code, andgenerate a bar code for scanning.

10.On the Honeywell CT50, click Power Tools >EZConfig and scan the bar code. This actionenrolls your Honeywell CT50 device into VMware AirWatch.

Honeywell Dolphin CT50 Bar Code Enrollment Summary

With a simple bar code scan, the VMware AirWatch enrollment process can be expedited by using the Honeywell EZConfig Editor and Honeywell EZConfig for Scanning utilities.

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VMware AirWatch 101: Windows 10 Custom Settings Profile

Did you opt out of an AirWatch Console upgrade, but wish you had access to its profile settings? Do you want Windows Insider devices to take advantage of pre-released CSPs? If so, then say hello to my little friend: the VMware AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management Windows 10custom settings profile.

Windows 10 Custom Profile Solution Overview

Use the custom settings profile to deliver the newest functionality to managed devices. Configuring the profile is easy. First, navigate to the appropriate platform&#rsquo;s profile settings in the AirWatch Console. Then, select the custom settings payload, and upload SyncML (XML) code into the textbox. Finally, save and publish the profile, delivering the settings to devices.

To configure a custom settings profile, you need the correct chunk of SyncML code. There are many ways to get SyncML. Before you get started, review the methods and select the one that works best for you.

Method 1: Copy SyncML Samples

  • Best For: Anyone who doesn&#rsquo;t want to reinvent the wheel
  • Level of Effort: 1/10
  • Value: Foolproof results, Validated samples
  • Caveats: Some samples only apply to certain devices or specific editions. Limited number of samples

Method 2: Copy the SyncML of a Newer AirWatch Console&#rsquo;s Profile

  • Best For: Anyone who opted out of a console upgrade that still wants the latest profile settings.
  • Level of Effort: 4/10
  • Value: Use the newest settings, Skip the production environment upgrade
  • Caveats: Limited to the AirWatch Console&#rsquo;s supported feature set


Method 3: Create SyncML from Scratch

  • Best For: Anyone who wants to use pre-released CSPs for Windows Insider devices.
  • Level of Effort: 7/10
  • Value: Deliver pre-released CSPs to Windows Insider devices.
  • Caveats: Limited to Windows Insider devices.

Formatting 101: Create a Complete Block of SyncML

A complete block of SyncML code consists of the following attributes:

  • Runs from<[characteristic]>to<[characteristic]>
  • Uses Add, Delete, Replace, or Exec as a characteristic
  • Does not contain text before or after the characteristcs.
  • May or may not remove all whitespace and linearize the code block to condense its size.
For Example:

2 ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/AssignedAccess/KioskModeApp chr {"Account":"standard","AUMID":"AirWatchLLC.AirWatchBrowser_htcwkw4rx2gx4!App"}

Update or Delete Settings

Manually applytags to updateor delete settings using aWindows 10 custom settings profile.

  • To update settings use the replace tag: to
  • To remove settings use the delete tag: to
For Example: Remove Kiosk Assigned Access Setting

2 ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/AssignedAccess/KioskModeApp

Configure a Windows 10 Custom Settings Profile

1. Copy or create a complete block of SyncML code.

Copy SyncML Samples

  1. Go to VMware Code Sample Exchange
  2. Find the correct sample
  3. Copy the text

Copy the Profile Settings from the Latest AirWatch Console

  1. Log into a version of the AirWatch Console that supports the desired profile functionality.
  2. Configure and Save this payload to create a profile.
  3. Find the new profile in the list view.a. Click its radio buttonb. Click the XML optionc. Copy the SyncML that appears
  4. Paste the SyncML into a text editor, and edit it.a. Remove lines of text so that all the code falls between the tags:<[ Add, Delete, Replace, or Exec ]> to <[ Add, Delete, Replace, or Exec ]>b. Optionally, remove the whitespace, and linearize the SyncML.
  5. Copy the formatted code.

Create New SyncML

  1. Go to the Configuration Service Provider(CSP) Reference
  2. Access the newest Windows Insider features
  3. Follow the site’s available guidelines to create the code sample
  4. Copy the text

2. Navigate to Devices > Profiles > List View > Add > Add Profile > Windows > Windows Desktop.

3. Refer to the LocURI to determine the profile&#rsquo;s context.

  • User Profile - Select if the LocURI begins with ./User/.
  • Device Profile - Select if the LocURI begins with ./Device/.

4. Configure General settings to determine how the profile deploys and who receives it.

5. Select the Custom Settings payload.

6. Click Configure, and paste the complete block of SyncML code in the text box.

7. Select Save & Publish.

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