What Can IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Do for Your Business?

As many small businesses know, consumers have preferences when it comes to paying for goods. For example, 40 percent of consumers responding to a TSYS survey say they prefer using their credit cards for purchases. Another 35 percent prefer debit cards. However, there&#rsquo;s a far more important question for small to medium-sized businesses: cash or credit?


The answer: it depends. TSYS found that if a bill exceeded a certain dollar amount, consumers would opt to swipe their card instead. The survey also found that if a small business had a &#lsquo;cash only&#rsquo; policy, then customers would likely move onto a business that accepts credit/debit cards.


It appears cash only, while desirable to some small business, is bad for business.


But establishing a card payment system doesn&#rsquo;t have to be difficult. Dream Payments, powered by IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, can set a small business up with a safe and secure payment system in as little as 15 minutes. All that&#rsquo;s needed is a card reader, software and Bluetooth technology. This ease of setting up and launching a new payment processing system is possible thanks to Dream Payment&#rsquo;s decision to move its infrastructure to the IBM Cloud.


It&#rsquo;s a small, transportable payments system that — thanks to IBM and VMware — can scale with a business as it grows.


Christian Ali, Chief Marketing Officer of Dream Payments explains, &#rsquo;[businesses] need a secure, cloud-based infrastructure to [process payments] quickly and effectively and in a manner that&#rsquo;s cost-effective.&#rdquo; Business owners can offer their customers payment options using this secure, encrypted point of sale technology.


If you&#rsquo;re ready to find a service provider, visit us at


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CenturyLink SAP Solutions Powered by VMware

CenturyLink, founded in the 1930s, has long been a leader in the telecommunications industry. Today, CenturyLink is helping customers manage SAP business applications, essential digital tools in managing business operations. But running these applications can be time consuming when they&#rsquo;re not on a compatible platform. CenturyLink uses a VMware-based cloud platform to make data migration more efficient and economical for businesses scaling their infrastructure.


How CenturyLink Scales SAP Applications

CenturyLink helps IT professionals transfer their SAP business applications from legacy systems to virtualized environments in the cloud with VMware technology. This cloud technology advancement provides tailored private cloud for SAP applications in less than 28 days. By using infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) powered by VMware, CenturyLink can deliver stable SAP capabilities to their customers.


How Does IaaS Help?

An IaaS solution powered by a certified host like VMware helps CenturyLink customers in the following ways:

  • Installs applications in minutes
  • Reduces OPEx and CAPEx costs
  • High conversion fault tolerance
  • Migrates data in real-time without downtime experience

CenturyLink&#rsquo;s IaaS solution contains data security, storage, networking and computer resources. Using VMware&#rsquo;s IaaS solution, CenturyLink can power its SAP solutions, including SAP HANA, and help their customers convert applications to the cloud.


How Does VMware Power SAP HANA?

CenturyLink is a strategic VMware cloud provider partner with a global footprint. Because CenturyLink works on a VMware SAP-certified infrastructure, the company is able to manage a multitude of SAP applications, including SAP HANA.


CenturyLink&#rsquo;s SAP HANA is a database management system that helps users to store, save and recover data. This type of application would normally require four specially designed 10Gb separate networks. With VMware-powered SAP HANA, applications can enjoy up to 4TB of memory straight from the hypervisor, with 6TB storage in the works. VMware&#rsquo;s hypervisor is the only hypervisor able to support SAP HANA.


SAP HANA offers CenturyLink customers a way to store, manage and deploy company data in real-time on a reliable infrastructure. &#rsquo;Speed is never an issue with a VMware virtualized SAP HANA system,&#rdquo; says Marshal Whatley, a Senior Director of Product Management at CenturyLink.


Working in the cloud simplifies business operations. CenturyLink works to help their customers accomplish this through VMware technology.


Remember to sign up for the SAP Virtualization Experts Panel (VIRT3014PU) taking place at VMworld August 30th from 2:30pm-3:30pm!


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E-Tailer Frank and Oak Explain Why They Use OVH Powered by VMware

In 2010, we partnered with the French cloud computing company OVH. The goal of our partnership was to &#rsquo;build a hybrid cloud-ready Infrastructure as a Service Solution.&#rdquo; Infrastructure as a Service, also known as IaaS, simplifies infrastructure development. This simplification makes it easier for OVH customers to apply OVH cloud solutions, such as with the OVH Private Cloud.


The OVH Private Cloud, driven by VMware, has &#rsquo;the power of dedicated hardware [and] the flexibility of the Cloud.&#rdquo; Using the vSphere interface, the OVH Private Cloud enables OVH customers &#rsquo;to use their own dedicated infrastructure.&#rdquo; This infrastructure grants the user full ownership of their private network. The OVH Private Cloud gives clients the flexibility to host &#rsquo;different types of products, including websites, e-commerce, ERP, SaaS solutions and business applications.&#rdquo;


By running their own dedicated infrastructure, OVH&#rsquo;s clients are given the freedom to focus on other areas of their business. Frank and Oak, an online retailer and OVH client, learned quickly that to scale their business, they needed better cloud management. By switching to OVH, they did exactly that.


Frank and Oak Harness Cloud Power

Using the OVH Private Cloud powered by VMware, Frank and Oak have re-invented the ecommerce experience. The e-tailer&#rsquo;s vision was simple: to help their customer dress well, at an affordable price. Check. Their next task was go global. &#rsquo;You want to make sure that, as you grow, the quality of your experience does not decrease,&#rdquo; said CEO and Co-Founder Ethan Song. To keep up with web traffic and satisfy orders, Frank and Oak needed a cloud computing solution that would support their growing company.


By controlling their infrastructure, the e-tailer could meet their work goals. In 2012, Frank and Oak signed up for OVH&#rsquo;s Private Cloud. OVH&#rsquo;s virtualized cloud solutions cut down the time Frank and Oak would have spent developing their infrastructure. This gave the company time to focus on their product. Today, Frank and Oak has expanded their offerings to include men&#rsquo;s and women&#rsquo;s ware. The OVH Private Cloud powered by VMware has given them the tools to expand without sacrificing time, security or finances.


At VMware, we take pride in building strong partnerships. And like us, our partners take pride in the relationships they build with their customers. OVH is clearly no exception.


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Reserve Your Seat Today to Learn How vCloud Air Network Partners Can Accelerate Your Success in the Cloud


VMworld is a time for meeting and learning, and that means spending quality time learning about new cloud solutions delivered by our partner ecosystem that will help your business grow. Throughout the conference, our subject matter experts and partners are ready to meet with you through breakout sessions, hands-on labs, quick talks and more to provide you with the latest information you need to take advantage of the cloud solutions available for your business.

VMworld is less than a month away, so it&#rsquo;s time to plan your agenda!

vCloud Air Network Breakout Sessions

Our VMware cloud experts and partners are leading breakout sessions that address cloud opportunities and best practices. Be sure and reserve your spot for these sessions now:

LHC1539BU—Paving the Way to the Hybrid Cloud with vCloud Air Network Service Providers and vCloud Availability

LHC1661BU—Getting Started with vCloud Air Network (Technical Tips and Tricks)

LHC1716BU—On-Ramp to the Cloud: Migration Tools and Strategies

LHC1746BU—Automating Disaster Recovery with vCloud Availability for vCloud Director and vRealize Orchestrator

LHC1753BU—Case Study: How VMware NSX Is Empowering a Service Provider to Help Customers Achieve and Maintain Industry Compliance

LHC1809BU—Use NSX to Deploy a Secure Virtual Network Bridging Multiple Locations for a True Hybrid Cloud

LHC1951BU—Automated Cloud Recovery for When You are Nuked from Orbit

LHC2424BU—200 to 40,000 VMs in 24 Months: Building Highly Scalable SDDC on Hybrid Cloud: Real-World Example

LHC2573BU—Achieving Hybrid Cloud Data Agility Securely with VMware NSX

LHC1739GU—Disaster Recovery to the Cloud: What Has Changed in the Past Year?

LHC3179GU—Choosing the Ideal Cloud Provider Partner

LHC3180GU—Effective DR Strategies

LHC1566PU—Ask the vCloud Air Network Cloud Experts

LHC3139SU— Achieving Success in a Multi-Cloud World

LHC2626BU—Build VMware Powered Hybrid Clouds: See How vCloud Director and NSX work together to build true Hybrid Clouds

For our cloud partners attending Partner Exchange (PEX), here is a list of sessions we recommend you attend at this year&#rsquo;s VMworld.

vCloud Air Network Sessions at PEX:

PAR4361BU—Architecting vCloud Availability

PAR4360BU—Cloud Service Provider Platform: Evolution and Future

PAR4359BU—Leverage Workspace ONE and Other MSP Offerings to Grow Your Service Provider Business

PAR4358BU—How to Build a Hybrid Cloud Using NSX and vCloud Director-A Service Provider Perspective

We&#rsquo;re excited to showcase all of the latest developments in cloud computing at VMworld 2017. Register now to join us for a week of industry learning and engagement!

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Building Better Partnerships at the vCAN Roadshow

We host the vCloud Air Network Roadshow so our partners can stay abreast of the latest product developments in cloud technology. Recently, we held a series of events across Europe and Asia for our cloud provider partners so they can get hand-on training in our latest software solutions. We also happened to visit some of the most beautiful cities in the world.

At these events, partners meet with our product and vCloud Air Network teams to discuss new releases and customer case studies. Between information sessions and talks we shared meals and took delight in insightful conversations among partners. On the final day of the Roadshow, we convened over drinks and hors d&#rsquo;oeuvres for a giveaway drawing.

The Roadshow gave us the opportunity to visit our partners in the cities where they work and play. Each city — Miami, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne — has its own unique culture and landscape, but they all have one thing in common: hardworking vCloud Air Network cloud providers!

Here&#rsquo;s a look through at a few of the Roadshow events we have hosted so far:


VMware Technologist David Hill addresses Dutch service providers on the value of network virtualization.
Partners settling down to enjoy a drink at the rooftop bar after the closing presentation.

Hong Kong

Keynote speaker Dan Gallivan, Senior Director of Global Cloud Practice, smiles for the camera before giving his presentation to our Hong Kong partners.
Cloud partners attending the Roadshow listen to Dan Gallivan discuss cloud solutions.


Our partners discuss how they will implement VMware’s new cloud solutions over drinks.

Here&#rsquo;s to developing better cloud technology with our global partners!

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A Cross-Cloud approach is driving business innovation and agility

Organisations are constantly looking for greater business agility and a faster time to innovation for new applications – all while managing cost efficiency.

To do this, even the most successful businesses have to rely on new ways of integrating their technologies with other reliable and resilient partners that can take their capabilities up to a new level.

The VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture™ lets IT organisations easily leverage VMware hybrid clouds and manage multiple clouds.

Take two of our very own customers - CINIA Group, a successful IT services company that focuses on network, cloud and software, and Proact, Europe&#rsquo;s leading independent integrator for data center and cloud solutions. Both companies are incredibly successful at what they do – but instead of standing still, they have looked to provide new services and increase their existing capabilities.

CINIA Group, wanted to build a new Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) for customers requiring critical infrastructure and availability on its Lioncloud.

It is based on VMware vCloud Availability for vCloud Director, with the support of partner Fluentscale.

Kristian Nieminen, Director of Cloud Services at CINIA Group said that the company built this new DRaaS on VMware technology because &#rsquo;it was the best of both worlds.&#rdquo;

&#rsquo;It&#rsquo;s a platform for modern cloud native workloads, and also performs as a robust and scalable platform for legacy systems,&#rdquo; he explained, adding that vCloud Availability for vCloud Director was selected as one of the core elements due to its easy integration to the existing Lioncloud infrastructure.

This is exactly what VMware Cross Cloud Architecture provides – an integrated architecture that supports customers&#rsquo; cloud strategies with freedom and control.

Nieminen added that this is backed with one of the best price-to-performance ratios – meaning that it is cost efficient too.

&#rsquo;vCloud Director proved to be versatile and easy-to-use technology. By using it, we have managed to build a cost-effective, powerful and very secure platform which is always available,&#rdquo; he said.

Like CINIA Group, Proact has been a VMware customer for a number of years. It has based all of its 22 datacentres on the VMware cloud management platform, giving customers who are at different stages of their journey to the cloud a number of options.

&#rsquo;Customers are all at different stages, both investment and technology wise, but with a hybrid cloud and VMware software-defined datacentre solution, they can select what kind of services they want to move to the cloud now, and leave the rest behind and slowly develop these into a full-cloud solution if they want to,&#rdquo; Proact&#rsquo;s Managing Director, Carsen Egeberg, explained.

He said that the biggest benefit of the Proact Cloud on VMware products is the time-to-market.

&#rsquo;This isn&#rsquo;t just time-to-market from an IT perspective but from a business perspective. [It helps with] entering new markets, cutting down costs – all the development any company in the world needs to stay above the water,&#rdquo; he said.

Proact&#rsquo;s hybrid cloud enables customers to stop thinking in physical layers and start thinking about services required for the company. It also gives them the opportunity to move services around freely between a local private cloud, a Proact hybrid cloud in one of its data centres, all the way out to the public cloud.

Our work with CINIA Group and Proact shows how we can help enterprises to confidently integrate public clouds to scale and extend their businesses, delivering agility, capacity, and resilience, and also accelerating innovation.

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NSX Pooling Manages Multiple Data Centers with Ease

It&#rsquo;s not out of the ordinary that a single company may have multiple data centers spread across the globe. Having several locations to store company data is often a necessary step in enterprise growth, ensuring redundancies in the event of disaster or outage. But moving workloads efficiently between data centers is the stuff of IT nightmares.

Fortunately, VMware&#rsquo;s NSX platform is able to extend easily across datacenters regardless of location or distance. Through multi data center pooling, NSX virtualization provides enterprises with a streamlined management solution providing easy workload migration, added redundancies, and ensured workload continuity.

Additionally, NSX provides users with several options to deploy multi data center pooling including: stretched cluster, separate clusters, cross-VC NSX, and Layer 2 VPN. The solution that is best for your enterprise will depend upon a number of factors such as the distance between data centers, workload characteristics, and latency requirements.

For details on which implementation strategy is best for your company, we encourage you to consult the whitepaper, &#rsquo;Multi Data Center Pooling With NSX.&#rdquo; There you can find details on the technical requirements of each deployment strategy and their respective capabilities.

With multi data center pooling from VMware&#rsquo;s NSX, service providers can easily build networking capabilities that span several data centers enhancing current offerings and ultimately grow revenue.

Interested in learning more about NSX platform multi data center pooling? Download the free whitepaper for details. Also, be sure to join in on the conversation by liking our Facebook page and following VMwareSP on Twitter.

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vCAT: Storage and Availability

We&#rsquo;re back with another installment of our monthly series: vCloud Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers(vCAT-SP). Each month we share a new article in our ongoing series detailing the numerous use cases of the VMware vCloud Solution. Together, this collection of posts will help you take full advantage of the superior cloud solutions found in the vCloud environment.

But before we dive into this month&#rsquo;s topic, take a look back at a few of our most recent vCAT-SP posts:

  • A Guide to Self-Service Deployment with vRealize Automation
  • Migration Strategies for the Hybrid Cloud: An Essential Hybridity Guide
  • How Horizon® 7 is Helping the Enterprise Scale Digital Workspaces
  • Leveraging VMware vSAN for Highly Available Management Clusters
  • Multitenant Use of VMware vRealize Operations as a Service

This time around we explore two of the most important features required in a successful cloud stack: storage and availability. Particularly, we dive into VMware solutions, vSAN for storage and vCloud Director for availability. The two services are detailed in the following whitepapers:

  • Identifying and Calculating the Operational Savings of a VMware vSAN™ Solution
  • Architecting a VMware vCloud® Availability for vCloud Director® Solution

Below, we provide a brief overview of the information found in the whitepapers. If interested, we encourage you to download the whitepapers and discover the power of vCloud solutions for yourself!

Simplifying Storage with VMware vSAN

The storage needs of today&#rsquo;s enterprise customers is reaching an unprecedented level. Between consumer and automated platforms, the amount of data being created on a daily basis has placed an increasing amount of pressure on service providers to provide robust, scalable storage solutions.

VMware&#rsquo;s vSAN is a software-defined storage solution for VMware vSphere® environments capable of providing the scalability, performance, and reliability users demand at a competitive price.

As detailed in the whitepaper, vSAN can reduce service providers TCO by up to 50 percent and lower CapEx and OpEx simultaneously through efficiencies found in the public cloud. Additionally, the vSAN storage solution enables service providers to automate many of the tedious manual storage tasks today.

vCloud Availability for vCloud Director®: Disaster Recovery and Migration

VMware&#rsquo;s vCloud Director (vCD) platform is a powerful tool for managing and implementing specialized hybrid cloud services to meet the demanding needs of enterprise customers. Specifically, vCloud Availability for vCD provides users with support for workload replication of VMware environments and migration between VMware services.

One of the benefits to using vCloud Availability supported by vCloud Director is minimal downtime. Service providers can provision DR solutions and migration strategies that require little to no downtime, keeping business critical workloads available throughout the deployment process.

To explore the technical requirements of vCloud Availability within vCloud Director, please consult the whitepaper. There, you will find steps for architecting and deploying vCloud Availability across cloud environments and data centers.

Interested in learning about other solutions and services offered by VMware? Stop by for a complete list of service providers and offering available.

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Как технология 5G изменит нашу жизнь?

В соответствии с планом Министерства связи и массовых коммуникаций, к 2020 году в российских городах-миллионниках начнет работать мобильная связь пятого поколения. В первою очередь 5G внедрят в восьми крупнейших городах страны, а к 2025 году технология будет доступна жителям 15 городов.

Известно, что после внедрения 5G изменится подход пользователей к потреблению контента — например, полнометражный фильм в высоком качестве будет доступен для скачивания в несколько секунд. В этом посте мы бы хотели рассмотреть изменения, которые принесут нам сети пятого поколения, а также роль виртуализации сетевых функций (NFV) в реализации технологии 5G.

Виртуальная реальность

Наступление эры 5G означает, что поставщики контентных услуг, СМИ и отрасль развлечений смогут предлагать пользователям любой опыт, без ограничений. Виртуальная реальность (VR) перестанет быть чрезмерно дорогой благодаря многофункциональным камерам, которые будут обрабатывать высокие нагрузки и огромные объемы данных потокового видео по относительно невысокой цене. 5G станет основой настоящего эффекта присутствия — за счет использования на мобильных устройствах технологий ultra HD 4K и виртуальной реальности, а также социального вещания в HD.

Интернет вещей и кибербезопасность

Однако из-за роста объема передаваемых данных и из-за огромного числа подключенных устройств увеличится поверхность атаки, то есть подверженность киберугрозам. Это произойдет не только на уровне устройств, но и на уровне инфраструктуры. Решением может стать микросегментация сети, доступная с VMware NFV. 5G также даст возможность внедрения корпоративных стратегий по IoT тем компаниям, для которых хорошая скорость и надежность работы сети являются важнейшими показателями.

В основе всего — виртуализация сетевых функций (NFV)


Виртуализация сетевых функций (NFV) уже стала важной темой обсуждения среди специалистов по вопросам стратегии в компаниях-операторах связи и архитекторов сетей. Сочетание технологий 5G и NFV создает сети, которые оптимизируют свою работу самостоятельно и подстраиваются под доставляемые сервисы. Они увеличивают объем обрабатываемого ими трафика без увеличения издержек.

По оценкам аналитиков, ежегодный рост мирового рынка NFV с 2015 до 2020 года в среднем составляет около 42%, а совокупная оценка рынка аппаратного и программного обеспечения NFV составит 15,5 миллиардов долларов к 2020 году. Точных данных по России пока нет, но можно предположить, что этот показатель будет ниже. В том числе это связано с трудностями в соответствии регуляторам. Тем не менее, для российских операторов тематика NFV является актуальной, и большинство, если не все крупные операторы связи, инвестируют заметные силы и средства в НИОКР по NFV.

Безусловно, VMware делает ставку на развитие NFV. Так, в марте 2017 года компания представила обновления в своей платформе VMware vCloud NFV™ 2.0. Она предназначена для модернизации и трансформации сетевой архитектуры и подходов к эксплуатации в инфраструктуре телекоммуникационных провайдеров. С помощью vCloud NFV 2.0 операторы связи смогут предоставлять новые дифференцирующие услуги на гибкой, открытой и защищенной программно-определяемой архитектуре, одновременно развивая свои сети в сторону поддержки технологий 5G и интернета вещей.

Партнерская сеть VMware NFV помогает глобальным провайдерам телекоммуникационных услуг внедрять и разворачивать NFV, чтобы быстрее развивать портфель своих сервисов. Платформа для организации инфраструктуры NFV VMware vCloud NFV насчитывает уже до 80 внедрений, обеспечивая более 300 миллионов абонентов услугами связи.

  • Подробнее о VMware vCloud NFV™ 2.0 можно почитать здесь.

Подписывайтесь на @VMware_rus в Twitter и на нашу страницу в Facebook, чтобы всегда быть в курсе анонсов и новостей.


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Best use of Virtualization technology 5G: VMware wins

This week we attended the TechXLR8 awards at London&#rsquo;s Tobacco Docks to celebrate innovations by leaders in the converging areas of technology including 5G, virtual & augmented reality, IoT, Cloud, connected automotive and artificial intelligence.

We are delighted to announce that VMware won the award for &#lsquo;best use of Virtualization technology 5G&#rsquo;, seeing off stiff competition from Nokia, Polystar, Mavenir, Netnumber and Accedian.

Our 5G virtualization solution, vCloud NFV, allows communication service providers to create and launch new 5G and IoT services in a much more agile, flexible, cost effective, and scalable way. This award honours our efforts towards transforming the telecoms industry and fuelling a 5G future, demonstrated by our innovative work with 45 telecoms companies across which we have more than 80 network function virtualization production deployments in place.

vCloud NFV won the award based on a submission of being able to demonstrate a strong use case of virtualized technology and details of why NFV made a significant impact on it; showcasing characteristics which make NFV unique; providing proof of the benefit to operators, with case study examples; and an explanation of the KPIs by which success has or will be measured.

Find out more about VMware&#rsquo;s award winning 5G virtualization solution here.

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