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CloudCred VMworld Hands-On Labs Challenge & Great Echo Giveaway

The time is drawing near!

Join theCloudCredibility.comteam as they partner again with the experts inHands-On Labsto bring you:

CloudCred VMworld Hands-On Labs Challenge& Great Echo Giveaway

At the start of each VMworld, in the VMworld Hands-On Labs World at CloudCredibility.com, and in the Hands-On Labs Connect Areas in Vegas & Barcelona, find:

Over 80 brand-new Self-Paced Hands-On Labs Tasks including Challenge Labs and Expert-Led Workshops - plus Exciting Prizes:

~ The GREAT Echo Giveaway ~

Did you know that an Amazon Echo Dot can control a VM?

At this year&#rsquo;s Hackathon, participants will learn how to configure an Echo Dot to do this very thing!

Whether or not you can attend the Hackathon, the source & instructions can be found at VMware {Code} - the official VMware program for developers.

Or, learn how by completing tasks in the Hands-On Labs Dev-Ops Badgeat CloudCredibility.com – which will take you step-by-step through this cool process.

And to make sure EVERYONE has a chance to take home an Amazon Echo Dot, CloudCred is giving away 75 Echo Dots in the Hands-On Labs Venue at each VMworld event: US and Europe.

That&#rsquo;s seventy-five Amazon Echo Dots, or about 15 a dayfor 5 days in the US and 4 days in Europe!

Winners will be selected by Expert-Led Workshop proctors, and at-random in the Self-Paced Labs room each afternoon.

Not attending VMworld?

Don’t let that get you down - you still have 5 chances to WIN an Amazon Echo Dot from the comfort of your own home.

Complete theVMworld 2017 At-HomeBadge, previewing Monday, August 21.

5 winners will be selected at random after both VMworlds are over.


Daily Points Raffles:Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Players earning enough points to land in the Top 10 spots on the CloudCred, VMworld Hands-On Labs World Leaderboard will be entered into the Daily Points Raffle.

GoPro Hero 3 Cameras:1 Winner Daily

Badge Completions – Grand Prizes:Drawings to take place Wednesday afternoon.Players earning any of the four Contest Badges will be entered in Wednesday&#rsquo;s Badge Raffles.

DevOps Badge: Roku 4K

Expert Badge: Hands-On Labs Earbuds

Solutions Badge: GoPro Hero 3 Camera

Overall Badge: DJI Spark Drone

Make sure your schedule includes time in the Hands-On Labs & playing CloudCred, and you could take home any one of these great prizes.


Labs Tee-shirts for tweeting with #VMworldHOL

CloudCred Tee-shirts for new users

Hands-On Labs earbuds for the attendee who completes the 10,000thlab taken

**Hands-On Labs will beOPEN on Sunday in Vegasfor early-attenders! Beat the crowds & visit on this first day.**

Players must complete Task 4601 & agree to contest terms & conditions.

Employees of VMware are not eligible for contest prizes.

Players must be present to win Daily Points Drawings & Badge Drawings.

Players winning multiple prizes will be at the discretion of CloudCred staff.


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I AM…all about modernizing data centers

VMworld 2017 Europe is getting closer (11-14 September). So start preparing your trip and go quickly to the content catalog to make a selection of program components that interest you the most! In some previous blogs, we have already made suggestions about transforming security, and digitizing the workspace, but also when looking for information about modernizing data centers, there are some interesting sessions.

Modernizing data centers
Technological developments are fast-pacing each other. So to remain competitive, organizations must invest in the digital transformation of all business processes. This transformation begins with the infrastructure, with data centers being crucial.

Cloud Management
Want to know more about modernizing data centers and cloud management? Don&#rsquo;t miss the following program components:

  • Break-out session: Case Study: How a Leading Health Insurance Provider Uses vRealize Business to Transform Its Cloud Initiative into a Cloud Business Management Practice [MGT1816BE]
  • Break-out session: Configuring a Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation: A Technical Deep Dive [PBO1757BE]

From cloud to cloud management tools? Then you need to follow the sessions on the vRealize Suite and vRealize Automation:

  • Hands-on Lab: Automate IT - Make Private Cloud Easy [SPL180602E]
  • Break-out session: Case Study: VMware Cloud Foundation-Powered Private Cloud, Including Hands-On Labs [PBO2864BE]
  • Break-out session: Cloud Management Platform: Can I Get There From Here? [MGT2231BE]
  • Breakout session: Effectively Operating an Automated Cloud [MGT1758BE]

Cloud Management discussion
Are you looking for other IT experts to exchange ideas about cloud management and modernization of data centers? Then join the different group discussions:

  • Intelligent Operations Jam Session: SDDC Performance and Availability, Unified Management [MGT2588GE]
  • Modernizing Your Data Center with VMware Cloud Foundation: Group Discussion [PBO1224GE]
  • Using vRealize to Manage AWS as Part of Hybrid Cloud [MGT3169GE]
Register now and discover everything about modernizing data centers!
Book your ticket for VMworld 2017 Europe here!

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Welcome to VMworld 2017 Europe

Register today for VMworld 2017 Europe.

Companies everywhere are transforming into digital businesses. And they&#rsquo;re relying on people like you to make it happen. Change agents and challengers of the status quo. Disruptors and visionaries. Where others see boundaries and obstacles, you find new possibilities and opportunities.

That&#rsquo;s why this year&#rsquo;s VMworld 2017 Europe has been designed for you and your peers. We want you to discover the knowledge and insights you need to chart success on your own terms – whether that be modernising your data center, integrating the power of all clouds, or empowering employees and customers alike with marvellous mobile and digital experiences.

VMworld 2017 Europe is our premier thought leadership and education destination for technology professionals. Join us and the industry&#rsquo;s top thought leaders for four days of innovation and learn new skills, hear expert insights, and gain the tools to enable business success.

This is the one indispensable event to discover the technology, trends and people who are shaping the future of digital business.

Customize your own VMworld 2017 Europe experience

Register now and start customising your own VMworld 2017 Europe experience from a vast array of activities, sessions and areas:

  • Keynotes from top VMware leaders on the biggest digital business trends
  • Hundreds of breakout sessions for VMworld veterans and newcomers alike
  • Spotlight sessions for strategy insights and roadmaps on the most pertinent technology topics of today
  • Be the first to gain new, free and rapid VMware product learning in our Hands-On-Labs
  • Get certified with deep discounts on VMware solutions in real time
  • Visit the Solutions Exchange and meet the companies in VMware&#rsquo;s partner ecosystem – from enterprise organisations to rising stars
  • Socialise with industry experts over lunch, drinks and networking events

Join us at VMworld 2017 Europe on 11-14 September and let us welcome you to a world where software creates unlimited possibilities.

Welcome to VMworld 2017 Europe.

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Congratulations Brian W – DJI Drone Raffle Contest Winner


Thank you for participating in our Raffle Drawing for the very cool DJI Drone - we had a lot of fun putting it together for you. We thought it would be great to get to know our winner and did a little write up to introduce him to our readers.

Tell us about your professional career background and interests ?

I work in healthcare specializing in virtualization technology and strategy. I&#rsquo;ve been working in IT for over 20 years, and working with VMware solutions for over 15. My current interests involve Cloud Management and Automation, and Network Virtualization. I also enjoy attending my local VMUG meetings to understand how other people are addressing problems in Healthcare with technology.

How was your Hands-on Lab Experience? Anything we can do to improve the experience?

I&#rsquo;m a huge proponent of the HOL&#rsquo;s. I used them frequently to study for VMware Certification exams, especially to get to bits that aren&#rsquo;t generally available… Additionally, many of the labs give you free reign to go off of the lab manual, and do other tasks. For me, this is much easier than a home lab. Everything is properly configured, consistent, and there&#rsquo;s no consequence for making changes that would break a home lab configuration. Over the years, the HOL environment has gotten better and the catalog broader, there&#rsquo;s really nothing else like it out there.

Advice to users out there on using the Hands-on Labs

Get out there and try them! Don&#rsquo;t be afraid to use a HOL environment for other tasks than the lab, such as performing tasks on a certification blueprint. I rarely find that there are things I cannot perform in the HOL&#rsquo;s, short of complex multisite configurations. The HOL&#rsquo;s are great training if you&#rsquo;re lacking budget, offering the latest content and products.

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