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Unlocking Mobile Moments with VMware Workspace ONE Productivity Apps

Do you wonder how often you pull your smartphone out of your pocket (or purse)? Do you feel &#rsquo;separation anxiety&#rdquo; (and I use that term loosely here) if the smartphone is not within arm&#rsquo;s length, especially if you&#rsquo;re not wearing your smartwatch?

If you answered yes to those questions, I don&#rsquo;t believe you are alone. An Internet Trends report famously suggests that an average user pulls out their smartphone 150 timesa day, and each mobile micro-moment lasts between 60 and 90 seconds.Other research estimates the heaviest users touch—tap, type, swipe, click—their smartphones 2,617 times a day, on average.

This paradigm shift requires us to design apps for what we call &#rsquo;mobile moments.&#rdquo; In essence, developers must understand what a user is trying to accomplish during a mobile moment based on considerations—device form factor, information context, aggregated intelligence from multiple business systems and, increasingly, machine learning—to provide the most delightful user experience possible.

VMware Workspace ONE is a digital transformation platform, and we&#rsquo;d like to show you how our suite of mobile productivity apps use the mobile moments design paradigm to deliver consumer-simple, enterprise-secure experiences.

5 Common Mobile Moments in the Enterprise

Rather than focusing on my experiences like in previous blog posts, I asked Adam Chow for his top mobile moments during his summer internship here at VMware. He graciously summarized these moments and recorded videos to showcase them.

1. Joining conference calls.

In our everyday life, we often dial into conference calls on the go. VMware Boxer is a secure email, calendar and contacts app that allows users to dial in with literally two taps. Yes, you heard me right. No more fiddling with finding the right number and the associated passcode. I know it sounds too good to be true, so don&#rsquo;t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

2. Scheduling meetings.

Oftentimes, we wait to get back to our desk to respond to one-line emails like, &#rsquo;Do you have time for a quick chat?&#rdquo; See how easily you can send your availability and quickly create meetings with co-workers and external business partners using the Boxer app. It is simply amazing.

3. Triaging emails.

A lot of industry research has been done on categorizing email users as pilers, filers and purgers. Pilers are users (like myself) who keep all their emails in the inbox so unread emails are actionable. Filers are users who meticulously aim for a zero inbox and file important emails into folders. Purgers are users who delete emails that are no longer actionable and expect others to send another email if there is a follow-up.

In an enterprise setting, a lot of mobile moments are spent triaging emails. The Boxer app provides features like:

  • Custom swipe gestures so users can personalize how they triage their emails and take quick actions,

  • Bulk triage emails by deleting or moving all at once,

  • Propose new meeting times and

  • Customize quick reply templates and send quick replies to one or more emails.

4. Accessing intranet sites.

A lot of customers roll out Boxer, VMware Browser and VMware Content Locker apps in a mobile app management (MAM) mode. The encryption, data loss prevention, integrated authentication, shared passcode and compliance are built into the app itself without requiring a mobile device management (MDM) profile on the device.

In these environments, users do not have an operating system level per-app VPN tunnel, so the Workspace ONE platform provides a secure tunnel to resources behind the firewall, like intranet sites. This means that when users click an intranet link within an email, they do not get the &#rsquo;404: Page Not Found&#rdquo; error. Instead the site opens seamlessly, and the user can complete their workflow within the mobile moment.

5. Collaborating on enterprise files.

The Content Locker mobile app can aggregate files and folders from over 30 enterprise content repositories. IT can set data loss prevention (DLP) controls in one place and users can securely access, sync and share all their content.

Content Locker supports on-premises repositories, such as Microsoft SharePoint and file shares, as well as cloud repositories, such as Microsoft OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Dropbox and Box. Watch how a team of people interviewing a candidate were able to quickly collaborate during this mobile moment.

These videos offer a quick teaser of how VMware&#rsquo;s suite of mobile productivity apps cater to mobile moments. Stay tuned for exciting innovations that will take this much further. If you are attending VMworld in Vegas, be sure to attend the Monday breakout session, &#rsquo;Learn How to Deliver an Enterprise-Grade Mobile Email Experience with Boxer.&#rdquo;


VMworld 2017 Breakout Session

“Learn How to Deliver an Enterprise-Grade Mobile Email Experience with Boxer”

Add #UEM2222BU via VMworld U.S. schedule builder.

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EUC at VMworld 2017 U.S. Checklist: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

What will Pat announce next on stage at VMworld? What&#rsquo;s in store for Sumit and Shawn&#rsquo;s new end-user-computing (EUC) Showcase Keynote? (Hint: This demo-packed keynote deserves a space on your schedule.)

Before we get into the major news, here&#rsquo;s what you, our Vegas-bound mobility pros, need to know before you go.

1. First things first. Pick up your badge.

Bring your photo ID to pick up your conference badge at the VMworld registration desk, on Level 1 of the South Convention Center, during these hours:

  • Sunday, 7 a.m.–7:30 p.m.
  • Monday, 7 a.m.–6 p.m.
  • Tuesday, 7 a.m.–6 p.m.
  • Wednesday, 7 a.m.–7 p.m.
  • Thursday, 8 a.m.–2 p.m.

You can also visit self-serve kiosks in Bayside C, Level 1, and we&#rsquo;re also offering Express Check-In QR codes to move things along. Just check the VMworld mobile app for yours! (Download the VMworld 2017 U.S. app here.)

2. First time? Start here.

There&#rsquo;s a lot going on at VMworld. So Sunday at 4 p.m., we&#rsquo;re offering an hour-long info session just for first-time attendees at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Add the New V Welcome Session to your schedule via the Content Catalog.

3. Trust us, everyone will be talking about these EUC sessions.

These are the biggies—add to your schedule accordingly:

  • Monday, 3:30 p.m.: EUC Showcase Keynote: Delivering New User Experiences with Digital Workspaces [EDW7002KU]
  • Tuesday, 11 a.m.: Spotlight Session: Transformation of the Digital Workspace [SAAM3157SU]
  • Tuesday, 3:30 p.m.: Spotlight Session: The Evolution of Endpoint Management Within a Digital Workspace [UEM3155SU]
  • Wednesday, 9:30 a.m.: Spotlight Session: Goodbye Legacy VDI. Hello Dynamic VDI for the Digital Workspace [ADV3156SU]

Be one of the first 500 attendees at our keynote to receive a free anniversary boxed edition of VMware Fusion and to be entered into a raffle to win a Samsung Chromebook. Last, but not least, score your special EUC button at these spotlight sessions!

4. We&#rsquo;re throwing these events just for you!

Outside of the Customer Appreciation Party, we&#rsquo;re hosting more intimate events just for EUC-minded attendees. Tuesday, following the VMworld Hall Crawl, we&#rsquo;re throwing a huge EUC Networking Reception, sponsored by Google, 6–9 p.m. at the Libertine Social at Mandalay Bay.

RSVP for the EUC Networking Reception

5. Want to make waves in your industry? Sign up here.

VMworld 2017 offers four half-day industry workshops on Sunday, several industry-focused breakout sessions and an entire demo showcase of industry solutions.

6. Meet us at the Digital Workspace Lounge.

We&#rsquo;re offering a dedicated lounge area, theater and meeting space directly behind the registration area (in the VMvillage) where you can expand on what you&#rsquo;ve learned so far. Ask questions in group discussions, and meet with our EUC experts to learn more about the digital workspace.

7. Discover new solutions at the Mobility Zone.

This dedicated space in the Solutions Exchange features solutions that integrate with and complement your EUC investments, from rugged device partners to members of the VMware Mobile Security Alliance. Click here for a snapshot of who will be there and booth numbers.

&#rsquo;And if you&#rsquo;re on the ground in Vegas, be sure to stop by the Mobility Zone, which is an amazing new experience at VMworld—one you won&#rsquo;t want to miss. We&#rsquo;ve packed more than ever into this year&#rsquo;s event.&#rdquo;
—VMware EUC VP of Product Marketing Dave Grant

The entire Solutions Exchange includes more than 220 companies, including EUC partners like Dell, Google, Intel and more.

8. Learn for free at Hands-on Labs.

Choose your own adventure: self-paced labs or expert-led workshops in the South Pacific Ballroom. You can take self-paced labs anytime and as many times as you like—each is 15–60 minutes. At expert-led workshops, on the other hand, you can receive additional instruction and group interaction.

You don&#rsquo;t need to schedule EUC self-paced labs ahead of time—these are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Expert-led workshops do require advanced sign-up, and you need to show up early—at least 5 minutes.

&#rsquo;When it comes to education, one place I always tell folks to check out is our Hands-On Labs, where attendees unleash their inner mad scientist. Here you can roll up your sleeves and see for yourself the latest and greatest from VMware.&#rdquo;
—VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

9. Remember, you get special discounts on training and certification!

When you take a certification exam on site, you get 50% off the price, and on-demand courses for AirWatch and Horizon are 25% off. Plus, VMworld offers unique, two-day training led by instructors Aug. 25–26, including an accelerated AirWatch bootcamp and a Horizon 7 seminar. Click here for the special offers!

10. Grow at Partner Exchange @ VMworld 2017 U.S.

Sunday is entirely devoted to VMware partners, and we highly recommend this Business Growth Keynote from Sumit and Business Futurist Greg Verdino on embracing digital transformation. Plus, attend for a chance to win a Samsung Chromebook Elite!

This is your last chance to register before rates increase again! Keep in mind that VMworld is expected to be the biggest EUC event of the year, as Dave Grant told VMware Radius:

&#rsquo;There are multiple vendor conferences throughout the year, but they all focus on individual vendor stacks, creating cumbersome silos of solutions for IT professionals to manage. VMworld U.S. and Europe will be the only industry events this year that focus on end-user computing in the enterprise, helping to eliminate silos to transform the management and end-user experience.&#rdquo;

Here&#rsquo;s more to plan your trip to VMworld 2017 U.S.:

  • Add These 4 EUC Sessions to Your VMworld U.S. Agenda
  • Hurry! Our 10 Most Popular EUC Sessions @ VMworld Are Filling Up Fast!
  • VMworld Is Coming Soon. Which Cloud Sessions Will You Attend?
  • 5 New VMware Workspace ONE Sessions at VMworld 2017
  • New @ VMworld: Industry Workshops & Showcase for Financial Services, Healthcare, Government & Retail

Subscribe to the right to follow VMworld news on the VMware EUC Blog, and follow us @WorkspaceONE, @VMwareHorizon and @AirWatch for updates.

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Security Update: 8 Advances in End-User Computing from VMware

Employees across enterprise organizations in today&#rsquo;s mobile-cloud world expect simple user experiences to help them be productive. IT often runs into challenges supporting these expectations while keeping their environments secure.

Our team has focused on empowering organizations with an enterprise-secure approach and consumer-simple experience through a digital workspace. Employees can securely access any app, on any device in their own digital workspace provided by VMware Workspace ONE, powered by VMware AirWatch unified endpoint management technology.

Over the course of 2017, we&#rsquo;ve introduced many security capabilities across the Workspace ONE platform, which includes advancements in VMware Horizon 7 and VMware Horizon Cloud. Let&#rsquo;s take a closer look at those security capabilities, as well as existing security integrations and security features that elevate Workspace ONE to the digital workspace platform that organizations can trust.

1. Derived Credentials

Earlier this year, we announced our derived credentials solution as part of Workspace ONE. This was huge news for organizations mandated by certain directives, such as FIPS 201, that require use of smart cards, personal identification verification (PIV) or common access cards (CAC) for access to physical, logical and network resources.

Smart cards, PIV and CAC worked great on desktops and laptops, but the experience on mobile devices was poor and costly because special hardware was needed to read the cards. To help with this issue, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) updated FIPS 201 in 2013 and the following year released SP 800-157, with guidelines on how to generate and utilize alternative tokens, which they refer to as a derived PIV credentials, also commonly referred to as derived credentials or PIV-D. This helped provide better experience, implementation and deployment on mobile devices accessing physical, logical and network resources.

We released our derived credentials app, called VMware PIV-D Manager, that enables the use of derived credentials with native apps and profiles, VMware apps and third-party AirWatch SDK-enabled apps. PIV-D Manager even integrates with other derived credentials solution providers such as Entrust and Intercede.

2. Boxer S/MIME

VMware Boxer, one of our Workspace ONE productivity apps, is an integrated mobile email, calendar and contacts app that helps increase productivity by giving end users a great user experience. Security was a big focus on our Boxer app this year.

We started by enabling S/MIME support for sending and receiving signed and/or encrypted mail. S/MIME is a standard for public key encryption and signing of MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) data that allows for secure email exchange. Organizations have the option of signing an email for authenticity and/or encrypting email messages for an added layer of security.

3. Boxer Classification Markings

In various regulated industries, such as public sector, healthcare and financial, sensitive emails often need to be specifically marked or classified when they are sent and received. When it comes to email, messages typically get a classification appended in the subject line, top or bottom of the body, etc. For example, an email message should be marked &#rsquo;unclassified&#rdquo; or &#rsquo;secret&#rdquo; depending on the content of the email.

Earlier this year, we announced support for classification markings in the Boxer app, which integrates with the built-in Microsoft Exchange transport rules. This capability also integrates with TITUS, Boldon James and janusNET.

4. Boxer Information Rights Management

In addition to S/MIME and classification marking support, we added full support for information rights management (IRM). IRM is a form of data loss prevention (DLP), which can specify access permissions to email messages, including the ability to restrict copy-paste, restrict email forwarding, enforce email message content expiration and more. As you can tell, we put a lot of emphasis on email security through our Boxer app!

5. AirWatch & NSX Integration

AirWatch and NSX integration was introduced over a year ago, and the amount of customer interest in it hasn&#rsquo;t slowed down since. When apps on mobile devices have access to communicate to any resource in the data center, this represents a challenge for IT as the attack surface within the data center can be large.

The AirWatch and NSX integration aims to solve this problem by limiting each mobile app to only communicate to the server that it needs to talk to, using the tunneling capability in AirWatch and the micro-segmentation capability in NSX. Combining these two technologies vastly reduces the access footprint from the mobile device and the attack surface in the data center.

Organizations, like Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control District, can raise their security posture from the mobile device to the data center using the AirWatch and NSX integration.This type of integration can also help organizations along their journey towards General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, as data in transit utilizes AES-256 bit encryption.

VMworld 2017 Panel Discussion:

“Data Privacy, theGDPR &the Globalization of Compliance”

Add GRC3109PU via VMworld U.S. schedule builder.

AddGRC3109PE via VMworld Europe schedule builder.

6. Horizon & NSX Integration

We know that apps on mobile devices and data center resources can be tunneled and micro-segmented for an extra layer of security. We can take that same concept and apply it towards desktop virtualization.

Integrating Horizon and NSX, customers can effectively secure east-west traffic within the data center, preventing malware from spreading across the data center if a virtual desktop is compromised because each desktop is effectively isolated from other desktops. IT can quickly and easily administer networking and security policy that dynamically follows end users&#rsquo; virtual desktops and apps across infrastructure, devices and locations. This extra level of security takes desktop virtualization to a whole new level!

VMworld 2017 Breakout Session:

“Securing Your Horizon Virtualized Apps & Desktop Investments with NSX”

Add SIE2034BU via VMworld U.S. schedule builder.

Add SIE2034BE via VMworld Europe schedule builder.

7. Just-in-Time Management Platform (JMP)

We introduced JMP earlier this year, our next-generation desktop and application delivery platform, which enables fust-in-time desktops and apps. Imagine a virtual desktop that is created when a user logs in and destroyed when that user logs out. IT can set up a pool of virtual desktops that fits this model, including pools that can access the internet and pools that cannot, effectively creating separation parameters for higher security. Virtual desktops in each pool only get created when a user logs into a specific pool.

With the JMP platform extending across Horizon 7 and Horizon Cloud, IT has the ability to inject apps and user environment settings into the desktop the moment a user logs in. Having pristine desktops created at every login and destroyed at every logoff eliminates malware that the user may have accidentally installed during the session.

8. Smart Policies

Smart Policies are available in Horizon 7 and Horizon Cloud for IT to provide end users with a truly contextual user experience. For example, policies dynamically change depending on the device used or the location services are being accessed from.

True single sign-on (SSO) enables end-to-end authentication from Workspace ONE to Horizon virtual desktops and apps, for a secure and simple user experience. Users aren&#rsquo;t prompted for multiple logins once they&#rsquo;ve authenticated into the Workspace ONE portal. Client policies such as enabling or disabling clipboard redirection, USB, printing and more can be set by IT using Smart Policies. Horizon is certified to meet FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria requirements as a result of the secure policies powered by Smart Policies.

For organizations looking for even more advanced security capabilities across Workspace ONE, look no further than Workspace ONE integrations with our ecosystem of mobile security leaders in the VMware Mobile Security Alliance. Workspace ONE integrates with technologies from our Mobile Threat Defense partners, Cloud Access Security Brokers partners and more to further enable comprehensive cybersecurity across mobile devices, apps, networks and cloud services.

Learn more about our end-user computing (EUC) security initiatives at VMworld U.S.andVMworld Europe. If you&#rsquo;re not attending VMworld, you still have time to register!

To learn more about the security capabilities in Workspace ONE, visit

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JMP Is Here! See It Live at VMworld

Earlier this year, we introduced our Just-in-Time Management Platform(JMP—we pronounce it “jump”) to blow apart the desktop status quo. It&#rsquo;s evolved into something truly special that will change the way you provision desktops.

Tuesday, 5 p.m., at VMworld your first chance to see this game-changing technology. There&#rsquo;ll be beer, cake references and the unstoppable Harry Labana (@harrylabana), vice president of management services and strategy for VMware End-User Computing (EUC).

VMworld 2017 Breakout Session:

Modernize Management with JMP Technologies in VMware Horizon & Take a Look at Where We Are Headed”

Add ADV1608BU via VMworld U.S. schedule builder.

Too Complex. Too Slow. Too Many Breakpoints.

Most of you use a static desktop provisioning model that makes it difficult for you to:

  • Deliver workspaces quickly and efficiently to all users and endpoints.
  • Be agile to end-user requests.
  • Keep up with OS updates and patches (especially with Windows 10).
  • Manage application and OS dependencies.
  • Respond when something goes wrong.

Just-in-Time Delivery

JMP is our answer to those problems. If I were in marketing, I&#rsquo;d sell it to you as “Simple. Fast. Bulletproof.” But I&#rsquo;m not; I&#rsquo;m a product guy. So, instead I&#rsquo;ll tell you that I recognize that you&#rsquo;re currently working too hard, fighting with yesterday&#rsquo;s provisioning tools and struggling with infrastructure that&#rsquo;s beyond its sell-by date. And I want to help.

In a JMP-managed world, you define the desktop workspace that your users want, but leave the building of it to our automation engine. JMP offers a single integrated console that leverages VMware Instant Clone Technology, VMware App Volumes and VMware User Environment Manager to deliver tailored workspaces built from a common gold image.

User-Centric Automation

You identify your users (individuals and groups), tag their desired attributes (policies, apps, infrastructure, etc.) and press go. The JMP engine then automates the creation of bespoke desktops that exactly meet your users&#rsquo; needs. On the device they want.

It&#rsquo;s as simple as it gets.

It gives you more time, flexibility and, oddly, control.

Too Complex. Too Slow. Too Many Breakpoints. Solved.

Going back to how we started this blog, JMP&#rsquo;s dynamic engine gives makes it easy for you to:

  • Deliver workspaces quickly and efficiently to all users and endpoints.
  • Be agile to end-user requests.
  • Keep up with OS updates and patches.
  • Manage application and OS dependencies.
  • Respond when something goes wrong.

Moving from a static to an automated management model gives you numerous benefits. Not least amongst them is the fact that you only consume resources when your users call upon them. No more pre-provisioning. No more downtime for patching. Just-in-time delivery across your entire desktop estate.

Cloud Ready

With JMP automating the actual desktop building, simply changing the target environment for your users can move someone from an on-prem environment to a hybrid or cloud based one. You now have a solution that leverages the infrastructure you&#rsquo;ve built, to deliver the desktops your CTO told you to prepare for.

See for Yourself

We like to say that we&#rsquo;re making managing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) a piece of cake. Everyone likes cake, right? Join Harry and I at VMworld, and get a sneak peek at the future of JMP—we&#rsquo;ll give you beer and maybe even cake. Possibly even a copy of Fusion 10. You should be there.

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VMware EUC All-Stars at VMworld: We’re Bringing out the Big Brains

That’s right. We’re bringing out the big brains, our senior solutions architects and technical marketing leaders for VMware End-User Computing (EUC). Learn directly from the people that know the technology best at these hands-on labs, breakout sessions, roundtable discussions and quick talks—only at VMworld 2017.

AirWatch Hands-on Labs at VMworld

Sign up in advance for expert-led workshops or check into self-paced labs on a first-come, first-serve basis with our AirWatch architect all-star team.

Meet Justin Sheets

Justin is a senior solutions architect with the VMware Technical Marketing team. He&#rsquo;s been with us two years in Atlanta, after working five years as a software developer. He helps build tools and support AirWatch Hands-on Labs automation.

Meet Shardul Navare

Shardul joined us right out of school, and he&#rsquo;s been an AirWatch employee for five years now. After multiple roles in pre-sales engineering, he moved to our team as a senior architect with focus on end-user computing (EUC), tech partner integrations and mobile application management (MAM).

  • Expert-Led Workshop:AirWatch Getting Started Workshop [ELW185701U]
  • Expert-Led Workshop:AirWatch with VMware Workspace ONE Workshop [ELW185703U]
  • Self-Paced Lab:AirWatch Android Management [SPL185707U]
  • Self-Paced Lab:AirWatch Getting Started [SPL185701U]
  • Self-Paced Lab:AirWatch Productivity Apps [SPL185704U]
  • Self-Paced Lab:AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management for Windows 10 [SPL185702U]
  • Self-Paced Lab: AirWatch Directory and Certificate Authority Integration [SPL185706U]
  • Self-Paced Lab:AirWatch with Workspace ONE [SPL185703U]
  • Self-Paced Lab:AirWatch Mobile Application Management and Developer Tools [SPL185705U]
  • Self-Paced Lab:AirWatch Technology Partner Integration [SPL185708U]

AirWatch Technical Breakout Sessions, Roundtables & Talks

AirWatch, Windows 10 and Horizon admins, these technical topics are for you! Learn from our best and brightest at EUC at these VMworld events.

Meet Matt Coppinger

Matt is our director of technical marketingfor VMware EUC. He leads a team of experienced EUC architects who develop technical deep dive content, reference architectures and hands-on labs for VMware field, partners and customers. Matt has worked on desktop virtualization since its inception at VMware in 2007—first in engineering, then as a field consultant, then as a global practice lead and finally through his role within Technical Marketing.

  • Breakout Session:Enabling Simple, Secure Access to Your VMware Horizon and Citrix Virtual Desktops and Apps with Workspace ONE [SAAM1150BU]
  • Breakout Session: Delivering Virtual Desktops and Apps via the Digital Workspace with Workspace ONE and Horizon [ADV1591BU]
  • Expert Roundtable:Delivering virtual desktops and apps via the Digital Workspace with Workspace ONE and Horizon with Matt Coppinger [MTE4820U]

MeetCamilo Lotero

Camilo, a senior technical marketing manager at VMware EUC, is our go-to guy for identity and access management expertise. Afive-year VMware employee, he’s worked across various teams including technical support, sales engineering and technical marketing. That includes serving as technical advisor for clients across market verticals, as well as providing technical enablement across VMware. A Georgia Tech grad, Camilo holds a degree in industrial and systems engineering.

  • Partner Exchange Bootcamp:Technical Deep Dive: Workspace ONE App Access & Security [PAR4405BCU]
  • Expert Roundtable: Enable Mobile Single Sign-on from Mobile Devices with Workspace ONE, Powered by AirWatch with Camilo Lotero [MTE4830U]
  • Breakout Session: Securing Access & Protecting Information in Microsoft Office 365 with Workspace ONE [SAAM2291BU]

Meet Josué Negrón

Josué serves as senior solutions architect at VMware EUC for Windows platforms, including Windows 10. Another five-year employee, Josué works with clients to define the best way to integrate the latest EUC technologies into their businesses to solve challenges associated with mobile device deployment, management and security. Another brilliant Georgia Tech grad, Josué holds a degree in computer engineering.

  • Partner Exchange Breakout Session: An Insider&#rsquo;s View Into Windows 10 Management with AirWatch [PAR4391BU]
  • Expert Roundtable: Taking a Cloud First, Modern IT Approach to Windows 10 Management withJosueNegron[MTE4828U]
  • Expert Roundtable: Elevates Your Windows Security Architecture withJosueNegron [MTE4827U]
  • Breakout Session: Today’s Cyberthreat Revolution: How VMware Elevates Your Windows Security Architecture [UEM1830BU]

MeetJosue Fontanez

Josue leads product marketing for identity management in Workspace ONE, driving technical enablement, business strategy, demand and awareness. As senior product line marketing manager at VMware, he’s also our identity evangelist online, through social media and at events. Before this role, he led product marketing for VMware Horizon Air (now VMware Horizon Cloud), and he spent time in product management and product marketing for cloud, systems management and security technologies at Citrix and Microsoft.

  • Quick Talk: Introduction to Password-Less Single Sign-On for Mobile Devices with Workspace ONE [SAAM1084QU]
  • Partner Exchange Breakout Session: Technical Deep Dive: Workspace ONE App Access and Security [PAR4392BU]
  • Breakout Session: Introduction to Access Management in Workspace ONE [SAAM2288BU]
  • Breakout Session: VMware on VMware: Winning a Single Sign-On Solution with Workspace ONE [SAAM1321BU]

Be there for it all—product announcements, free hands-on learning, access to EUC experts—at the biggest event of the year for EUC pros. Our last conference passes are waiting for you here.

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VMworld & VMware EUC Take Over Europe’s Tech Capital

Recently,VMware EMEA experts shared a preview of our upcomingVMworld 2017 Europetech conference, 11–14 Sept. in Barcelona, and explained why the top IT professionals in end-user computing (EUC) already have their pass. Here’s what they said:

“You will have the opportunity to experience tech previews, network with peers and partners and witness our hottest releases.”
—Karina Arteaga, Chief of Staff, VMware EUC EMEA


“The agenda is packed with hundreds of breakout sessions, hands-on labs and much more.”
—Anis Mansouri, Account Executives, Mobility, VMware EMEA


“This conference is going to be the epicenter for technical experts to understand how you can transform your business.”
—Duncan Greenwood, Vice President, VMware EUC EMEA


“We will teach you a new world of possibilities to learn to reinvent the future.”
—Neil Tarbit, Director, Pre-Sales, VMware EUC EMEA


“We’re inviting you to come over to check our latest and greatest for Workspace ONE, our latest and greatest when we talk about digitalization of your workplace.”
—Dor Zakai, Director, Global EUC SISO Business Development, VMware


“VMworld is the best tech event you can go to, especially if you’re a VMware Partner.”
—James Dunn, Partner Marketing Manager, VMware EUC EMEA


It’s not too late to registerfor the BIGGEST EUC event of the year!

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Calling Mobility Partners! Don’t Miss EUC Sessions at Partner Exchange @ VMworld 2017

Want to grow your VMware AirWatch license and services sales and keep up with the digital workspace trend? Curious about what&#rsquo;s new and what’s next for VMware Partners? Look no further.

Partner Exchange (PEX) @ VMworld 2017 is almost here! Join VMware executives, partner teams and fellow technology partners in Las Vegas, Aug. 27and Barcelona, Sept. 11.

Developed with mobility partners in mind, the end-user computing (EUC) content is more robust than ever! You&#rsquo;ll hear the latest industry trends along with go-to-market best practices to take your business to the next level.

Here are must-attend sessions to help you get the most out of PEX and after.

Hear from VMware Execs

Business Growth Series: Embracing Digital Transformation

Join this not-to-be missed keynote and hear from a business futurist for a forward-thinking take on digital transformation and its impact on companies as they embrace the digital age. You&#rsquo;ll also hear from Sumit Dhawan about how these digital trends and VMware technology, paired with your expertise, position you as the strategic advisor to enable customer success with digital transformation. What are you waiting for? Add this to your agenda now!


  • Sumit Dhawan, VMware EUC SVP & GM
  • Special Guest Speaker (The name will only be released to those who register for the session!)

Add #PAR4417KU via VMware U.S. schedule builder.Add #PAR4417KE via VMware Europe schedule builder.

Partner Exchange General Session

Learn what&#rsquo;s new before your customers do! You don&#rsquo;t want to miss this opportunity to hear from Pat Gelsinger and Ross Brown as they share the overall VMware strategy for partners and how it&#rsquo;s expanding opportunities across all routes to market. This session will take place at 11:15 a.m. in both cities on their corresponding dates.


  • Pat Gelsinger, VMware Chief Executive Office
  • Ross Brown, VMware SVP Worldwide Partners and Alliances

Embrace the Digital Workspace

VMware Solution Selling for Partners: Empower the Digital Workspace—Simplify App Access and Management (Two-Part Workshop)

In this two-part workshop, you&#rsquo;ll learn how to present solutions to your customer in their own language. Hear industry challenges and business priorities from the perspective of a CXO and learn how to deliver business value with VMware Workspace ONE.


  • Kevin Strohmeyer, VMware Senior Director of Product Marketing
  • William LaHam, Speaker for Laham & Assoc. (VMworld U.S.)
  • Karen Laidler, Former CIO for K Laidler (VMworld Europe)

Part 1

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Part 2

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Selling Workspace ONE: Identifying Large Opportunities in the Emerging Digital Workspace Market

The emerging digital workspace market is the result of employees demanding an improved mobile work experience. Workspace ONE can give customers the any-app, any-device experience their employees want. Get on board early and learn how to have powerful conversations that can identify large, strategic opportunities with significant services drag.


  • Kevin Strohmeyer (VMware U.S.)
  • Jeff McGrath, VMware Senior Director of Product Marketing (VMware U.S.)
  • Spencer Pitts, VMware EUC Chief Technologist (VMworld Europe)
  • Mark Roscoe, VMware EUC UK Partner Manager (VMworld Europe)

Add #PAR4390BU via U.S. schedule builder.Add #PAR4390BE via Europe schedule builder.

Technical Deep Dive: Workspace ONE App Access and Security

This session will provide a technical overview of the Workspace ONE solution for identity-defined workspaces.


  • Josue Fontanez, VMware Senior Product Line Marketing Manager (VMware U.S.)
  • Prab Kalra, VMware Director of Technical Marketing (VMware U.S.)
  • Morgan Abaziou, VMware Senior System Engineer (VMworld Europe)
  • Camille Debay, VMware Support Account Manager (VMworld Europe)

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Overview of Workspace ONE Deployments and Services IP to Leverage

VMware consultants will share their on-the-job experience supporting top Workspace ONE consulting and deployment projects.


  • Dale Carter, VMware EUC Architect for Global Professional Services Engineering (VMware U.S.)
  • Mike Marx, VMware Senior Solutions Architect for Solutions & Services Engineering (VMware U.S.)
  • Travis Wood, VMware Principal Architect (VMworld Europe)
  • Nick Jeffries, VMware Senior Solutions Architect (VMworld Europe)

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Dive into Windows10

An Insider&#rsquo;s View into Window 10 Management with VMware AirWatch

Experience the power of Windows 10 PC management with AirWatch in this deep-dive demonstration. Learn how AirWatch can unify mobile and PC management into a single console to reduce IT costs, improve security and deliver a peak user experience.


  • Josue Negron, VMware Senior Solutions Architect (VMware US)
  • Morgan Abaziou (VMworld Europe)
  • Camille Debay (VMworld Europe)

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Take a Test Drive

EUC TestDrive Demo Platform: Pre-Configured Demos to Shorten the Sales Cycle

Save the time and expense of building your own EUC demo environment by using TestDrive, VMware&#rsquo;s cloud-based platform for demonstrating EUC solutions. Learn how to easily leverage pre-configured demos to shorten the sales cycle.


  • Paige Burns, VMware Technical Specialist (VMworld U.S.)
  • Kunal Shah, VMware Technical Architect, VMware (VMworld U.S.)
  • Spencer Pitts (VMworld Europe)
  • Andy Philip, VMware EMEA Solution Product Marketing (VMworld Europe)

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Remember, PEX is only the beginning! During VMworld, there will be over 60 EUCsessions covering all things new with Workspace ONE, AirWatch and VMware Horizon. You can also catch a few technology partner sessions with speakers from Google, Dell, Microsoft and more. And don&#rsquo;t forget to stop by the Mobility Zone to visit a few dozen of our closest mobility partners!

The post Calling Mobility Partners! Don&#rsquo;t Miss EUC Sessions at Partner Exchange @ VMworld 2017 appeared first on VMware End-User Computing Blog.

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VMworld Is Coming Soon. Which Cloud Sessions Will You Attend?

As the dog days of summer begin to wane, the excitement and anticipation of VMworld 2017 begins to rise. Customers wait with bated breath to hear the latest VMware announcements and listen to industry experts. VMware speakers and staff gear up to demonstrate the latest and greatest features and share our vision for the future. And it goes without saying that everyone is ready to party with customers and partners in Las Vegas, Aug. 28–31, at the Mandalay Bay resort and in Barcelona, Sept. 11–14, at the Fira Gran Via exhibition center.

Cloud computing will be bigger than ever at this year&#rsquo;s event: How cloud enables the digital workspace, reduces infrastructure and management costs, secures the enterprise and offers organizations flexible deployment options across public and private clouds.

You have hundreds of cloud-centric sessions to choose from. Here is our top 10 list of sessions that you won&#rsquo;t want to miss.

  1. Accelerate the Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS
    VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) brings VMware&#rsquo;s enterprise-class software-defined data center software to the AWS cloud . The solution enables customers to run production applications across VMware vSphere-based private, public and hybrid environments, and quickly derive value instant business value from the AWS and VMware hybrid cloud experience. Learn how VMware Cloud on AWS can power your business at this spotlight session.
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  2. Building a Multicloud Strategy with Horizon Cloud Service
    Organizations are adopting multiple clouds at the same time, and relying on services from a mix of private and public clouds. In this breakout session, you will learn about the VMware Horizon Cloud Service and how it provides a virtual desktop and application service that allows you to mix multiple clouds for a best-fit solution.
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  3. Modernize Management with JMP Technologies in VMware Horizon—and Take a Look at Where We Are Headed
    Why and how should you modernize application and desktop management on premises and in the cloud? Take a look at the VMware Just-in-Time Management Platform (JMP) and what&#rsquo;s next.
    Add #ADV1608BU via the VMworld U.S. schedule builder.
  4. Deliver Any App, Any Desktop, Anywhere in the World Using VMware Blast Extreme
    More and more, your users need to deliver apps and desktops from the public cloud while delivering a rich user experience on any device. Blast Extreme is designed to deliver the best possible user experience to almost any device you need to use and under almost any network condition from corporate LAN to the mobile internet. We&#rsquo;ll provide a deep dive into the Blast Extreme protocol and how it works from graphic processing unit optimization to advanced networking, how it compares to other protocols, and how to monitor it to suit your needs.
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  5. The Transformation of Identity and Access Management in the Age of the Digital Workspace
    In the age of the digital workspace, how do you maintain a balance between end-user productivity and security? We believe the industry needs to evolve to focus on controlling access based on a new access control layer. In this Spotlight Session, the VMware leadership team will discuss how VMware Workspace ONE is built on a powerful access control layer that is dynamic, based on context. The team will share key announcements, customer adoption and next steps you can take with Workspace ONE.
    Add #SAAM3157SU via the VMworld U.S. schedule builder.
  6. Securing Access and Protecting Information in Office 365 with Workspace ONE
    As organizations move to Microsoft Office 365, they face the challenge of end-users accessing Office apps and corporate data from unmanaged and unsecure devices. In this session, we&#rsquo;ll cover how new Workspace ONE innovations help you drastically simplify the deployment of Office 365 and protect your sensitive information that is stored in corporate email, Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint.
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  7. The Evolution of Endpoint Management within a Digital Workspace
    Noah Wasmer, SVP of mobile products at VMware, will share his perspective on the evolution of endpoint management into a device-agnostic platform, enabling a smarter and more secure workspace for your business. He&#rsquo;ll turn the spotlight on our customers to share their journeys to radically transform PC management, unify management from desktops to the Internet of Things (IoT) and transform digital experiences for both users and IT.
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  8. Focus on What Matters for MDM with Intelligent Analytics Delivered by AirWatch
    Your organization relies on VMware AirWatch to manage countless devices, apps, users, and more. Whether your focus is on driving bring-your-own-device adoption, optimizing app performance, or planning for a new iOS deployment, we’ve added more custom reports, data visualizations, and analytic capabilities to help measure your impact. Sign up for this session to learn where to find your data, how to design your own custom reports, and how to get actionable insights.
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  9. Cut the Cost with Cloud-First, Scalable Windows Software Distribution
    Deploying Windows 10? You likely have a variety of applications to deliver to users: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Win32, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and virtual. We&#rsquo;ll show you how to reduce bandwidth, infrastructure and labor costs with AirWatch software distribution capabilities for Windows.
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  10. Simple, Agile, Secure: VMware Cloud Foundation, the Next-Generation Hybrid Cloud Platform
    Did you know application modernization is now a key driver of new business innovation and growth? To meet new demands, you must transform your infrastructure. You need VMware Cloud Foundation, a hybrid cloud platform that combines highly dynamic infrastructure services with cloud management and lifecycle to deliver agile, easy-to-operate infrastructure-as-a-service for your virtual machines (VMs) and containers.
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For complete details on these cloud-centric sessions, as well as other powerful sessions at VMworld 2017, head to the VMworld U.S. and VMworld Europe content catalogs. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas and Barcelona.

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Sanjay Poonen Wants YOU to Join Him at VMworld 2017

This VMworld, the digital workspace takes center stage. Join industry leaders like VMware COO Sanjay Poonen and VMware End-User Computing (EUC) leaders Sumit Dhawan, Noah Wasmer, Shankar Iyer, Dave Grant, Courtney Burry, Adam Romanowski, Jeff McGrath, Renu Upahdhay and so many more.

Get your VMworld pass!

  • Be in the front row for the news.
  • Impress your boss with advanced technical sessions and expertise.
  • Meet the movers and shakers in mobility, desktop virtualization, app management and unified endpoint management.
  • Be the expert on bleeding edge of the hottest products in the industry: VMware Workspace ONE, VMware AirWatch, VMware Horizon, VMware Identity Manager, VMware App Volumes, VMware NSX and so many more.

For mobility pros who attended AirWatch Connect in previous years, we can’t stress this enough: You cannot miss VMworld. It will be the biggest, most powerful, most connected mobility event of the year.

The post Sanjay Poonen Wants YOU to Join Him at VMworld 2017 appeared first on VMware End-User Computing Blog.

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5 New VMware Workspace ONE Sessions at VMworld 2017

We are tantalizingly close to VMworld 2017! Now that the agenda builder open, the end-user computing (EUC) team is revving up to present some exciting sessions about our award-winning digital workspace platform, VMware Workspace ONE.

Whether you are new to the digital workspace or a long-time EUC pro, here are five new Workspace ONE sessions at VMworld 2017.

It&#rsquo;s not too late to join us at VMworld 2017 in the U.S. and/or Europe! Simply click here to get started.

1. Showcase Keynote: Delivering New Experiences with Digital Workspaces

For U.S. attendees, search for EDW7002KU. For Barcelona attendees, search for EDW7002KE.

VMware EUC leader Sumit Dhawan will take the stage with the innovators living and breathing the digital workspace every day in this can&#rsquo;t miss showcase keynote.

  • Get the breaking product and innovation news before it is announced.
  • Hear from customers and partners leveraging intelligence to transform the way their companies securely empower their workforce.
  • Learn how forward-thinking IT organizations create digital workspace strategies to transform business processes and drive employee productivity.
  • See powerful demos and tech deep dives into the technology empowering the digital workspace in companies like yours.

2. Digital Workspace & Security Transformation with Workspace ONE & Hybrid Cloud

For U.S. attendees, search for LDT3091PU. For Barcelona attendees, search for LDT3091PE.

Follow the footsteps of VMware&#rsquo;s R&D, IT and field CTO ambassadors from the Professional Services (PS) organization to get real-life insight into how mobility and identity use cases can be successfully deployed and scaled on the hybrid cloud via Workspace ONE. The VMware PS design approach covers the planning, designing, deployment, and measurement process for successful IT and business outcomes.

Led by VMware&#rsquo;s EUC VP and CTO Shawn Bass, this panel session is relevant to a variety of industry verticals, including but not limited to financial, healthcare, education, point-of-sale, services, high-tech, manufacturing, hospitality and others.

3. Practical Implementation Steps & Tools for Digital Workspace Success

For U.S. attendees, search for UEM2930GU. For Barcelona attendees, search for UEM2930GE.

While most enterprises have bought into the vision of a digital workspace, most of you are still asking, “Where do I start?” Join our group discussion, led by VMware senior product marketing director Kevin Strohmeyer, to learn the key steps you must implement as you embark on your digital workspace journey. Learn about use case, architecture and ROI tools you can leverage within your organization to maximize digital workspace success.

4. Ask the Experts: How to Enable Secure Access from Personal/BYO Devices & All Types of Users with Workspace ONE

For U.S. attendees, search for SAAM1684GU.

More than ever before, you have a broad range of device types and users that want to access corporate resources. This includes employees, contractors, and contingent staff who need access, and oftentimes they want access from personal/BYO devices. How do you enable secure access without impacting end-user productivity?

This group discussion will feature experts who will walk you through security and access capabilities in Workspace ONE to ensure that IT has the tools they need to protect corporate resources, regardless of the type of user or device.

5. Admins Tips & Tricks/Best Practices for Installing the Workspace Platform

For U.S. attendees, search for UEM1894QU.

Are you looking at deploying Workspace ONE or VMware AirWatch and looking for some technical guidance to help you with this initiative? Join our product experts as they share best practices learned from thousands of deployments on how to set up, configure and deploy a digital workspace solution. By the end of this session, you will have the foundation to be able to successfully try Workspace ONE in your organization.

Want to add more Workspace ONE sessions to your VMworld 2017 agenda?

  • Click here to browse more great content in the VMworld U.S. catalog.
  • Click here to peruse digital workspace content the VMworld Europe catalog.

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