Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V Host: Mounting ISOs in the settings of a VM from a CIFS/SMB share via Hyper-V Manager


after we did a switch from Windows Server 2012 R2 Core to Windows Server 2016 Core for our Hyper-V Hosts we were no longer able to mount ISOs from a SMB share with the Hyper-V Manager in the VM settings. For Server 2012 R2 we did configure constrained delegation
for all Hyper-V hosts which did do the trick back then. After some research we found out, that for Server 2016 we have to change the authentication method for the constrained delegation from Kerberos to "any protocol", as WINRM does use CredSSP for
authentication. We did change that for the Server 2016 Hyper-V Hosts, but we are still not able to mount the ISOs from the SMB share.

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I did configure an audit which monitors the share on the SMB Server for authentication and file access, and I see absolutely no activity when I try to mount a ISO into a VM. Which tells me, that the Hyper-V Host does not forward any authentication info or
file access request to the SMB server. So I did dig a little bit deeper into the whole problem using Powershell and "Invoke-Command … Set-VMDvdDrive …", and did find out that WINRM was not configured on our clients. After activating WINRM in
client mode and did add a Hyper-V Host as trusted host I still was not able to mount an ISO with Invoke-Command, so I added also the parameter "-authentication credssp"…. and finally it worked! (at least with the Powershell command)

But still no luck with the Hyper-V manager. I also tried to connect to a Hyper-V Host in the Hyper-V Manager with different credentials (which should force Hyper-V Manager to use CredSSP), with the same result.

So if anyone could maybe lead me in the direction what still could be missing to mount ISOs with the Hyper-V Manager I would be really happy 😉

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