Windows Server 2012 – Network Category

After a recent patch and reboot, one of my two physical Hyper-V servers (identical hardware and should be identical configuration) swapped its network connection from a Private network to the Domain network.

This has also caused RDP to stop working from inside the network and a backup service to lose connectivity to other network (non-domain) devices. I haven’t rebooted the server (Private network category) yet but I assume once I do it’ll alter itself to the
domain network. In the past, I’ve had a problem where the network connection switched to Public from Private (which was easy enough to fix) but never to the Domain.

My first attempt to resolve the problem was what I had done previously, which was set the network connection to Private, but since it was Domain I received:

Set-NetConnectionProfile : Unable to set the NetworkCategory due to one of the following possible reasons: not running
PowerShell elevated; the NetworkCategory cannot be changed from ‘DomainAuthenticated’; user initiated changes to Networ
kCategory are being prevented due to the Group Policy setting ‘Network List Manager Policies’.

My first Hyper-V server hosts the domain controller, the second Hyper-V server (the one with problems) hosts the secondary domain controller.

I’d like to identify two things:

1. Why one of the two servers (or perhaps both after I reboot the first one) suddenly switched to a Domain network connection from Private and how in general I can prevent problems with this (whether it is going from Private to Public or Private to Domain)
after patches/reboots.

2. Why I cannot RDP or my backup service to work on the Domain network connection when the firewall rules should permit it. I’ve confirmed the server is running the Domain firewall profile and that the inbound rules open up the appropriate ports, but when
I do attempt to connect to port 3389 from elsewhere on the network the port seems closed/blocked. The first server (Private network category) passes the TCP connection test to 3389.

Network connections view of both servers. "Network 2" is private, the "FQDN" network is the domain.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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