Windows 8.1 pro Remotefx USB redirection

We need local USB redirection from Windows Server 2019 host to Windows 8.1 Hyper-V guest.

On Windows 10 Pro guest, the redirection is working, meaning that all host settings and guest settings are correct.

In the connection bar, the little additional icon appears and devices connected to the host can be redirected to the guest.

However same setting with Windows 8.1 Pro does not work. RemoteFx USB devices can be selected from the enhanced session settings but they never appear in the guest nor is there the little additional icon.

From sources we learned that this is only possible with Windows 8.1 Enterprise? Really? Why is it working with Windows 10 Pro but not with Windows 8.1 Pro? This does not make sense.

Please add the missing drivers to Windows 8.1 Pro so that RemoteFx USB redirection can be used.

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