Windows 2019 Hyper-V Host Static or Dynamic ram allocation

We are setting up a Windows 2019 Hyper-V VM running on a Physical Windows 2019 Server with 64GB of Ram. The Physical server will be running a few lightweight apps and also the Hyper V roles. I have been reading up on Dynamic V’s Static memory allocation
for the Hyper-V server and cannot decide which option is better. As I see it I have 2 ways I could go -

1. Allot 32GB of static ram to the Windows 2019 Hyper-V VM

2. Enable Dymanic Ram Set 8GB of Ram as a minimum Value, Set the Max Ram to 32GB with a 20% Memory buffer

We are planning to use the Hyper V for lightweight Remote desktop use.

What I am wondering is, does having Dynamic Memory instead of static cause speed issues for the VM when the amount of RAM required has to be increased or is this so fast that it is not noticeable.

Any thoughts would be appreciated 

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