When restarting Hyper-V server on Windows 2016 it shuts down, after security update


After running Windows Update we are unable to restart the Hyper-V Windows 2016 server: when restarting the Hyper V Server it shuts down instead, and we need to physically push the power button on the server in order to start it again.

The Virtual Windows 2016 server does not have this problem, and restarts fine.

In the event Viewer we have the following information:

The process C:WindowsSystem32RuntimeBroker.exe (HYPERV) has initiated the restart of computer HYPERV on behalf of user HYPERVAdministrator for the following reason: Hardware: Maintenance (Planned)
 Reason Code: 0x84010001
 Shutdown Type: restart

Event ID: 1074


The kernel power manager has initiated a shutdown transition.

Shutdown Reason: Button or Lid

Event ID: 109


The WinRM service is not listening for WS-Management requests.

 User Action
 If you did not intentionally stop the service, use the following command to see the WinRM configuration:

 winrm enumerate winrm/config/listener

Event ID: 10149


This list was installed:

A hint would be nice

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John B

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