When converted vhd is attached, hyper-v vm does not boot. Even not from ISO

I have been rolling out Hyper-V hosts and creating Hyper-V VM’s for quite a while now. Everything fine, until this case. I need some greater minds to shed some light on this. 

I need to convert a running Windows 2008 R2 server with 8 GB RAM into a Hyper-V VM. We need this machine so we can run a specific old software (from time to time), and the physical machine is acting up. My Hyper-V host runs Windows 2019 Hyper-V host, has
enough physical RAM (16 GB). It has been used to create and run all kinds of VM’s (Windows 2008 server -> Windows 2019 server), Windows 10 etc.. Never failed. RAID 10 on harddisks and enough room.

I have tried a few ways to create the VHD file for this running server. Straight from the server with disk2vhd, and from system recovery backups created by Veritas Back-up Exec System Recovery (tried a few versions of the software). My VHD’s contain all
the files I see on the real server, and the real server has only one partition. No hidden partitions (checked with diskpart). 

The VM I create has the same amount of RAM as the real one, Generation 1. When I attach an iso to it, with the Windows 2008 R2 boot disk, it boots just as expected. Once I attach the VHD to it, it never boots. Black screen, blinking cursor (if the VHD is
the first boot drive), sentence showing I need to push any key to start booting from DVD if the DVD is the first boot device. But the VM does not boot. Once I disconnect the VHD, the same VM boots fine. 

Tried creating a blank VHD for the same VM: VM boots fine. 

I have never has this experience with Hyper-V and none of my Google searches bring this scenario up. Any ideas? 

Next up I will try a competitive system to boot the VHD.

Kind regards,

Wouter Pinkhof


Wouter Pinkhof PINKH bvba, PC-Hulp.com

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