What is this bitmap image on my desktop and why did it appear the first time I logged in with hyper v enabled?

I am running a w10 pro, I have every setting turned on in windows features that mention hyper v, I also have ‘guarded host’ set to on. I have Virtualization Technology, Virtualization Direct I/O  and the (VMM) container image manager in the bios,
the TPM enabled and the disk is encrypted with bitlocker. The Nic with pxe is on but the pxe is disabled presently, When I boot the machine it has a bitmap image on the desktop and the display resolution is set to 640×480. I have to reset it each time! What
gives? Are the hyper v and the bitmap image related somehow? I tried to put it in the recycle bin several times but it always snaps back into place. Currently the one drive has sucked it up and made a digital copy of it. Is this some sort of virus? Is there
some way I can delete it and/ or should I?

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