VMs Have Gone Missing

I have been tasked with trying to discover how/why several VMs have gone missing from an on campus server.

The server runs Windows Server 2012 R2.

This server hosted/should be hosting several other VMs.

If I try to remote desktop onto any of the VMs then I get the message "Remote desktop cannot find the computer "VM name". This might mean that "VM name" does not belong to the specified network.

I can still remote onto the physical server without issue.

The folder  C:ProgamDataMicrosoftHyper-VVirtual Machines on the server is empty

If I look at the Hyper-V-Worker event logs (Log Viewer -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Hyper-V-Worker) then there are no logs for the last two years.

I.T. has run a hardware diagnostics on the server which came back healthy.

What else can i do to investigate this issue?

Please let me know of any additional details needed, my knowledge about servers is very limited.

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