vmconnect.config use 2 monitors instead of all 3 like

Hi all,

I’ve been searching all night and haven’t found anything yet. So I’ll post my question here.

I work with a VM which has my company VPN Client installed from where go log in into my Office Computer.

Since the VPN Client has no split tunneling enabled (company Policy) I can’t use any other network resource except for the company resources.

Since I still need my S4B locally, because Audio is also restricted, I need to start my S4B Client locally, so far so good everything works. But what annoys me so much is that I need to minimize my vmconnect session all the time i need to use the local S4b

That’s when I tried to configure the vm connect client to use only 2 Monitors instead of all 3.
This would be possible if the connection is an RDP Connection.
MSTSC Config for that:

use multimon:i:1

I can’t find any reference for the vmconnect.config files that are stored in C:UsersuserAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsHyper-VClient1.0

Can you help me if that?

Or even better do you know the config option for multimonitor for vmconnect?

Mycurrent vmconnect rdp file:











Or can I create a connection to the hyper-v console with mstsc?

If you can help me with that you would be my hero 🙂


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