VM recommended configurations?

It’s been a while I played around with Virtual PC/Server as it was called in the day. It’s Hyper-V now and that’s what I want to use to get two VM’s running as a replacement for two SBS 2011 servers. So we bought a fairly ‘fat’ server - a Dell Poweredge
R7415, sporting an AMD Epyc 7281, 64 GB RAM, BOSS-card (240 GB configured in RAID1), three 960 GB SSD’s configured in RAID5, six 2 TB near-line SAS drives configured in RAID5 and four 1 Gbit network adapters.

What we need is a fileserver/domain controller and Exchange server. So we bought Windows Server 2016 and Exchange 2016. Windows Core is to be installed on the BOSS-card. The virtual domain controller / file server uses the near-line SAS drives to store it’s
virtual disk. The virtual Exchange server uses the SSD’s to store it’s virtual disk.

Installing Hyper-V is pretty much a no-brainer. As is creating a new VM. But both VM’s and the host have to be configured for optimal performance. So I read the MS documentation for Hyper-V, but can’t find anything about recommended configurations. I broadened
the search to the internet, but that’s no luck either. Tons of websites describing how to install Hyper-V and create VM’s but there it stops.

Could be I searched the wrong way, so please point me in the right direction. Or maybe recommend how to configure both VM’s like how many RAM I should allocate, what to do with the network settings - do I tie them all to the virtual switch or do bind them
directly to the VM’s etc.

Simon Weel

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