vm (copied to new host) has no network connectivity

The problem:

Yesterday we had a power outage.

Fried the system disk (c:) on the host machine.

I had configured all the virtual drives and virtual machines on a second, data disk (d:); thankfully this survived.

Everything was working fine prior to the incident.

I popped in a new c: drive, and re-installed server 2012 r2, and added hyper-v.

created a new machine, using the old drives, and hooray, the vm booted with all the software intact.

*however!* the vm doesn’t have internet access, nor can it be pinged.

Salient Details

Once again everything was working prior to the power outage.

I have two physical nics (nic1 nic2) in the box.  Nic1 is dedicated to the host, and it’s ip is statically allocated ( Nic2 is supposed to be dedicated to the vm, and I didn’t bother assigning an IP to it. Both are connected to the network.

When I first added the Hyper-V role though Server Manager, I noticed that the server name/ip it came up with was ServerName/[dynamically allocated IP of nic2]; that is, hyper-V seemed to be wanting to configure the server with nic2, rather than nic1. 
Is this right?  There was no option to select ‘ServerName/[nic1 IP]

In HyperV after the reboot, I created a virtual switch with nic 2.  Then I created a new VM, but used the vhx file which was on the surviving physical D: drive.  I attached the virtual switch tp the new VM.

The VM booted.  All the files were there.  However, the network icon in the system tray always indicates ‘Unidentified network/limited’ under ‘Connections’

What I’ve Tried:

I found i had to reset the ipv4 static ip on the new virtual machine, as well as the dns host specification.

I tried removing the HyperV role, disabling nic2, and re-adding the HyperV role.  This time the server it came up with was ServerName/[NIC1 IP].  Then re-enabled nic2, used it to create a virtual switch, and attached that to yet another created

My next try, as a diagnostic, is to create a completely new VM with a new install of the OS.  I’m doing this as a diagnostic, but forsaking the old disks has pretty unpleasant implications.

It’s got to be something simple!  Any help would be truly appreciated.

thanks in advance


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