Virtualization Setup

Hi Guys,

1. Does the unlimited virtualization in Windows Server 2016/2019 datacenter mean that the guest machines (VMs) don’t have to be licensed, and will automatically be licensed upon creation? And what previous OS versions are allowed when for example you have
a 2016 DC license, and your guests run 2008 or 2012?

2. After licensing my servers which i want to cluster, do i still need CAL licenses, and how should these be applied if I’ll need them?

3.What replciation should i use, hyper-v or storage replica  to replicate the volumes on my storage, which will be a HPE MSA hosting the VMs

4. Is automatic fail-over possible for my new setup, where my clusters will be 500miles apart, and what are the minimum requirements to achieve such?

Your help will be highly appreciated.


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