Virtual Switch and physical NIC in team

Hi all,

as far as I know, NIC associated with external virtual switch are "dedicated" to virtual machine communication , unless they are flagged as "shared".

Now, I have two physical NIC in team. When I try to create an external virtual switch, I have the option to connect NIC1, NIC2 or the virtual teamed NIC.

What happens if I set virtual switch with :

a) only NIC1?

b) only NIC2?

c) only with virtual teamed NIC?

Is it correct to say that with the c) option the Server cannot communicate with external network unless it is flagged as shared?

With option a) or b) i’m confused.

This is what I think could happen with option a) and  "shared" flag not set:

- The traffic to the physical server pass all through NIC 2 with NIC1  dedicated to virtual machines. Am Iright? But if this is true, which benefits I could have from having the physical NIC in team?


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