Hyper-V cluster validation issue


i have two nodes (WS2019 Datacenter) connected directly to storage array via iSCSI 10G SFP+

when im trying to validate cluster, i get error:

    Network interfaces NODE1 - NIC 6 iSCSI B0 and NODE2 - NIC 5 iSCSI A2 are on the same cluster network, yet address is not reachable from using UDP on port 3343.

its not reachable because of directly attached to storage array.

Do you have any idea how to resolve it without using switch ?


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vmbus.sys error afrer Integraton Services upgrade


I have a 2008R2 guest server hosted on the 2012R2 hypervisor. Until now version 6.3.9600.16384 of Integration Services was installed on it. Then I installed updates on the hypervisor (2012R2). After that I installed the new version of Integration Services
on guest systems (6.3.9600.19456), but after restart the error 0xc0000428 vmbus.sys "Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file" occur and the server did not start. Of course I had a snapshot so I did a revert. Since the guest
server (2008R2) did not have all updates installed, I installed them with Windows Update. After that I reinstalled the latest Integration Services again and this time there were no problems - 2008R2 starts up properly.

My question is: which update may be necessary before installing the latest Integration Services? I am asking because I have other servers on which I cannot install all updates and I would like to install only those that will allow me to upgrade Integration

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Nested Virtualization Packed Loss


We are having som network issues regarding our Nested Virtualization setup.

* The Physical host have no problem regarding retransmission of TCP packages to the network
* The Nested Virtualization host have no problem regarding retransmission of TCP packages to the network
* The VM on the Nested Virtualization host have problem regarding retransmission of TCP packages to the network (3-6% retransmission - the rest of the packages is behaving just fine).

Do any of you guys know why this is and how to fix it?

Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help.

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After turning on hyper-v, the computer starts to blue screen frequently, sometimes the computer will black screen and then restart

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HNSCall not responding on Windows Server 2019


We are using HNS to support container Networking. The vSwitch Extension is Open vSwitch Extension. When I invoke HNS.psm1 to attach an existing HNS Endpoint to a container, the request doesn’t return. The process never stops, even if I input ctrl+Z
or ctrl+C, no response returns. The issue also happens in deleting HNS Endpoint or deleting HNS Network.

It is found in Windows Server 2019(1809), and all possible KBs are updated on March 16th, 2020.

Please help give some guidance on such issue.



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Create Virtual Machine using VHDX on network drive, without copying it to local drive?

I have a 100GB VHDX file on a network drive I want to create a Virtual Machine of. But I don’t have 100GB space available on my local harddrive.

When I try to create a machine from that file, It seems it starts to copy it to my local drive.

Are there no way I can just have Windows leave the file where it is, and use it from the network drive? I am aware of the performance issues, but slow harddrive I/O is not a problem in my case. 

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Connection from Skype to Audiocodes not working after KB4540670, fixed by disabling VMQ

Hi, we have a Skype for Business installation and multiple Audiocodes Mediant 1000 gateways. Skype server is running on Windows Server 2016 on top of Hyper-V of Windows Server 2016. Host has Intel X520 NICs. VM has used VMQ, but not SR-IOV, for years without
any issues.

Yesterday we installed KB4540670 on both the Hyper-V hosts as well as the VM. Today around noon we suddenly received reports from all our locations that PSTN calls would not work. I found that Audiocodes logs were full of messages like this:

— SRTP Error - failed decrypting RTCP packet (PacketLength=191, PayloadLength=0): wrong SSRC (11) [Code:0x3700e] [CID:53]
SRTCP_SSRC_ERROR:1  [Code:0x5004] [CID:53]

And there were corresponding events in Skype log:

An attempt to route to a gateway failed. Could not route to Gateway xxxxx, the attempt failed with response code: 503 Service Unavailable 

Uninstalling KB4540670 from the VM or moving it to another Hyper-V host did not help anything. After reboot we probably could make one or two calls but then it stopped working.

Eventually I disabled VMQ for that VM, and everything started to work in that very instant.

Could there be a compatibility issue with either VMQ or the Intel drivers in KB4540670?

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Hyper-V UEFI Virtual Machine Boot Summary

Friends, I need your help! It is the first time that I post in this forum, maybe you can help me.


I want to virtualize a physical server that has a Windows Server 2008 R2 installed with two SATA disks. Both discs are in GPT. When I virtualize with the DISK2VHD with VHDX format and run the virtual machine with Generation 2 it throws the following error:

"Hyper-V UEFI Virtual Machine Boot Summary

SCSI Disk (0,0) The boot loader did not load an operating system

SCSI Disk (0,1) The boot loader did not load an operating system "

Regenerated the virtual machine, now Generation 1, and a black screen remains with the cursor blinking.

What am I doing wrong????.

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Expanded VHDX Hard Drive Not Expanding

I am using Hyper-V on a 2016 Server and trying to expand one of the VMs. I shut it down and then went to settings, Hard Drive, Edit, Expand. This seemed to have worked fine and I turned back on the VM. However, the C drive was not any larger.

After some research I noticed I needed to expand the partition in Disk Manager to an unallocated part that was created in step one, but there is no unallocated part. There is plenty of room on the partition with the VHDX VMs. And actually recently I added
a new VM and gave it a few GBs and that all worked within Hyper-V.

Right now when I inspect the expanded VM the Maximum Disk Size is corrected to the expanded size.

Not sure what else to do.

Thanks for any help.

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ISATAP Adapter missing in VM, how to add

We are requiring ISATAP on a 2019 Direct Access (DA) server. Despite we have enabled ISATAP at OS level (set-NetIsatapConfiguration enabled), the ISATAP Interface has no IPv6 address.

Have then compared the DA server to another similar DA server running on VMware. In the device manager, the VM running on Hyper-V has no ISATAP adapters, as shown in the printscreen of the VMWare VM below.

How do we get ISATAP support on Hyper-V? Thank you in advance for any help.


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