Hyper-v 2008 r2 Cluster migration to Hyper-v Cluster 2012 r2

i have case to do:_

i have 2008 r2 Hyper-v Cluster (3 NODE)

inside this cluster we have another SQL Cluster  and Application Server

and some attached  LUN direct to VM’


to move all above to existing 2012 r2 cluster (5 NODE)

Note :- I know that we cant Export from 2008/2008 r2 to Import 2012 r2 

any Idea how we done this issue

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Trying to remove Hyper-V

I’m trying to remove Hyper-V from a Windows 2012 Server

and I get a message "installation of one or more reles, role services or
feature failed. The source files could not be found…"I have made sure CD is in the drive

One posibility is CD drive letter may have changed since installation  (was set up before my time)

I have removed Virtual Switch - I know that can cause problems

I’ve also tried stopping Hyper-V Services

any ideas welcome


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Port Mirroring Hyper-V, traffic only captured one way

Hi All, 


Server 2012 R2 server running several VMs (the server is a node in an HA cluster, but I think that is irrelevent here as the machine I’m currently testing on isn’t Highly Available).

  • I require the router bound switch port (a Netgear S3300) to be mirrored to a one of my VMs (currently a test VM created just for this purpose).  
  • I’ve mirrored the port on the switch (TX and RX) and connected to a dedicated NIC on my host.  A wireshark capture at this point captures all traffic, inbound and outbound.  I’ve confirmed using ICMP and seeing request and reply.  
  • I’ve created an external vswitch using the dedicated NIC port.  I’ve tried allowing and not allowing sharing with the host to no avail.  Weirdly at this point Wireshark no long sees this physical or vSwitch interface on the host.
  • I’ve enabled the NDIS capture extension
  • I’ve run the powershell commands to add-vmswitchextensionportfeature monitormode=2 as per article
  • I’ve assigned the switch to my VM as a secondary NIC (the other one being a standard LAN switch), setting the switch as destination in port mirroring.
  • Wireshark on the VM is now only capturing the inbound traffic.  Proved by filtering to ICMP and only seeing the replies.  

Am I missing something here?  I can’t find any other instances of this exact problem, and I’m being chased to get this working.  

Thanks in advance

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FCM live migration stuck on 68% VM not registered on any host

LM for one VM hanged. VM is not registered on any VM, I cannot cancel migration, I cannot stop VM (as it is not on any Hyper-V registered on any host), I cannot register it again either

Basically nothing at all can be done as far as I can see

Anybody any ideas?


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How to migrate the virtual machine in winserver 2012 to the virtual machine of winserver 2016

As I mentioned in my question, how can I migrate a virtual machine from Windows 2012 to Windows 2016? I know that it can be done by importing and exporting, it is ok. However, I now restore the virtual machine files in Windows 2012 directly to Windows
2016 through third-party software. I use the symbolic link to add permissions to the migrated virtual machine through icacls. The file recovery of the virtual machine is successful, but this The virtual machine registration failed, and the virtual machine
could not be found in Windows 2016. Please give me some guidance.

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Hyper V replication


My environment has been built on windows server 2012 R2 and i want to enable hyper v replication

I want to know hyper v replication limitations ?

My VMs which need to be replicated ( Exchange , SQL , WEB with NLB , File server cluster)



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Creating a new virtual switch

hey, so im trying to create a new virtual switch using powershell and can’t figure out the -netadaptername i used the cmdlet get-netadapter to show me the available adapters, and neither of them worked.

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Hyper-V 2012, cannot get DHCP addresses on VM guests using external switch 2

I can’t seem to get dhcp addresses on the guests using a 2nd external switch I made.  Each external VM switch is on a different router with DHCP.  Both switches get an IP addresses from routers, and I can ping both from core console.  Both
switches are configured the same (external/share with host/no vlan). Guests work fine if I put them on switch 1. However when I use 2 the guests will not get an IP.  The working switch is a Broadcom NetExtreme 57 connecting to a Uverse gateway/modem.
The non-working switch is an Intel pro/1000 MT Desktop connectling to a low-end Belkin router.  

Here is what I tried…

assigned a static IP…still no connection or packet flow

tested DHCP on router on other devices…works, range is thru 2.98

tried unchecking share with host option in hyper-v manager…no difference

tried using vlans option in manager…no difference

tried uninstalling and reinstalling the guest network adapter…nothing (remember it will work on switch 1 anyway)

This setup works in Server 2012 with Hyper-V installed.  However now I am using Hyper-V core 2012.  

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text is too small to see

I’m running Windows 10 pro on a Dell laptop with a UHD display.

I just created an Ubuntu Virtual Machine using Hyper-V Quick Create.

No matter how I size the VM, the window inside the VM is too tiny to read.  

How does one make it bigger?wr

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Appropriate type of checkpoint for Malware testing

Suppose that the virtual machine (using Hyper-V) has been infected with Malware, running the Windows 10 OS. In order to restore the virtual machine to the "clean state" before it has been infected, is using a standard checkpoint appropriate, or
is using a production checkpoint appropriate? Is there no difference?

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