Stop 5355 traffic from vEthernet nic

I am running Server 2016 with Hyper-v. I have multiple internal vSwitches but working on one at a time. IP on the VEthernet on the server for the vSwitch is as all i need is the connection. one side of vSwitch is PFSense the othe side is VYOS (virtual
router). everything works fine but PFSense is showing the IP keeps reaching out to I understand this is LLMNR but why is the VEthenet adapter sending this and how do i stop it from being sent?

I am blocking it in PFsense but tired of seeing it. Yes i could just make it not show but i would like to make it not happen.

Properties for the vEthernet are all unchecked except internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

Thank you for any help

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