Should I create Records A for Hyper-V cluster nodes?


I created two node Hyper-V cluster using Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016 OS. There is a external switch with access to corporate LAN.

I’ve got a problem with this switch. When I set option "Register This Connections Address" for virtual network adapters (vEthernet (VS-E1)) for this switch on these two nodes, this settings change value to False. So after some time records
for this network adapters are removed by DNS server because cluster doesn’t refresh this option.

Is it default Settings for cluster?

Hostname InterfaceAlias           RegisterThisConnectionsAddress      UseSuffixWhenRegistering

HVC1N1 vEthernet (VS-E1)        False                                             

HVC1N2 vEthernet (VS-E1)        False                                             

Kind Regards Tomasz

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