replication status planned reference point creation

Hi, I have a dedicated windows 2k16 std hyper-v server that replicates to another hyperv server using standard windows replication. We have 9 VMs. I wanted to check the replication status from hyper-v manager and I saw that for 2 servers, the status was
"planned - reference point creation" (translated from french).

Now all VMs are configured to replicate every 15 minutes with 4 snapshots per hour, all configured the same way. If I check in the hyperv console, like all other VMs, every 15 minutes I see that those 2 servers are replicating successfully, showing in the
status. Looking at "view replication status", all ok, green checkmark, last updated a couple of minutes ago. So all seems fine, but I was wondering why those 2 VMs are showing this in the status column in hyperv manager and how I can remove this.

Hope it’s clear.


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