Recommended pagefile configuration of a replicated guest

Dear all:

Windows expects to have a Pagefile. So if I configure replication for a guest and I don’t want to replicate the Pagefile, which is constantly changing, I will have to create the page file on a separate disk which is excluded from replication.

However, there is a problem: If you suspend that guest machine and resume it or you shut it down and restart it, sometimes it freezes. This happens from time to time, say one out of three times. It ONLY happens if the Pagefile is on a separate virtual disk.

Why would that happen? Well, according to "Relocating the
paging file to a VHD connected SCSI controller is not supported" and that is what I did, since I had no other choice: this is a hyper-v generation2 guest, which does NOT SUPPORT or offer IDE-connected virtual disks.

Furthermore, explains: "you cannot place a virtual machine’s swap file on a VHD that is attached
to the virtual SCSI chain. This is because the SCSI driver is synthetic, so it doesn’t load until after the virtual machine’s operating system has attempted to initialize its page file. You must place swap files for virtual machines on VHDs attached to the
IDE chain."

If that is true, who can tell me what I can do to exclude the Pagefile from replication, if possible at all?

(Ah no, I don’t want to run a gen1 machine 🙂

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