Recommended HDD/RAID Configuration for Hyper-V Server

I have read over articles about best practices in setting up Hyper-V server.  What I read seemed to indicate putting the page file on a separate disk than the operating system and similar with the virtual machines was a best/recommended practice. 
Is this recommendation geared around putting them on separate physical disks or separate partitions?

I have a Dell R710 server that I’m building a small home lab on and will run a several virtual machines, most likely under 10.  The server came with four 300 gb 10k rpm 6gb/s SAS drives.  I have four more bays and was looking at one of the three

  1. Getting four more 300 gb drives
  2. Getting four 600 gb drives of the same speed/rpm to add to the server
  3. Or getting eight 600 gb drives and replace the four 300 gb drives (sell them on eBay or something)

Obviously adding four more 300 gb drives is the cheapest option, but not sure if it will give me all the drive space I’ll need for the future.  If I went this route, what would be the best RAID configuration?  Do I setup a RAID 5 or 1 setup for
the OS and then create a large RAID 5 or 10 array for the virtual machines?  My thoughts on the 300 gb drives is that going with a RAID 5 setup it may be wasting space on the OS array/partition if I just have the Hyper-V host OS.

If I add four 600 gb drives I should have plenty of space for the virtual machines, but again am I best utilizing the 300 gb drives for space and configurability?

If I add eight 600 gb drives, again what’s the best configuration?  Is a RAID 10 setup as one large array or setting up a smaller array and larger arrary?

Thank you in advance for any comments or feedback on a recommended setup or links to something to read.


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