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For some time now, I have been wondering whether and how powerful the "private virtual switch" in HYPER-V is.

Here I have a HYPER-V server configuration (SM Server H11DSU, AMD EPYC  2x 16 Core, 256 GB RAM, VM all on NVMe) with VMs in file/print server, MS SQL Server and RDS structure.

All external users should access only via RDP to the RDS structure from an external LAN (1 GBE LAN).

So my idea is only connect the RDS server with the external LAN (HYPER-V switch external) and all other VMs connect via HYPER-V private switch (only internal in the VMs needed). 

The HYPER-V privat virtual switch should be a 10GBE switch - right?

If so - the LAN speed test with the privat virtual switch are disastrous (tested with ipfer3). My privat virtual switch only achieves a throughput of 500-600 Mbps from VM to VM. So miles away from 10 GB/s.

What can be the cause of this?

Does anything still need to be optimized on the privat virtual switch? Or is the privat virtual switch always so bad in performance? Or is it better to use an external physical 10 GBE switch, even if I don’t need it?

Thanks for your helps!

Danke und liebe Grüße Oliver Richter

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