Hyper-V can’t attach NAS-hosted VHD file: "Failed to add device…the user name or password is incorrect"

Consider the following scenario:

Customer stores secondary backups of their Hyper-V VMs in the Acronis cloud backup service, as a fallback in case the primary offsite backup system fails or the buildings burn down or something.  They want to perform test restores to validate this approach,
which essentially means downloading VHD files from Acronis’s service to a Synology NAS, creating new VMs on a hypervisor, and attaching the downloaded VHD files to them.  The files still live on the NAS, not the hypervisor, because the files are very
large and the hypervisor’s own SSD storage is very expensive.

The ‘portability’ of these VHD files has never been an issue; we’ve always been able to copy them between hypervisors and run them.  However, this is the first time we’re attempting to run a VM that has its VHD file on a NAS vs. direct-attached storage
on the hypervisor itself.  The NAS share hosting the VHD files is mapped as a network drive on the hypervisor, which runs Server 2016 Standard.

When I attempt to attach a VHD file that’s on the NAS to a new VM, I get the following error:

We’ve tried the following: 

-mounting a NAS-hosted VHD file using the hypervisor’s Disk Management snap-in, to verify that we can see data there (works fine)

-as mentioned by
this Brian Posey article
, granting "Everyone" full control of the file temporarily, just to see if we can attach it to a VM (same error). Before anyone yells at me about security, this hypervisor and NAS are on a separate air-gapped network, and
we undid the change immediately.

-using the icacls fix suggested in the same article (same error)

-copying one of the NAS-hosted VHDs to the hypervisor’s own direct-attached storage, and attaching it to a VM.  (works fine!)

Neither the NAS nor the hypervisor are joined to an AD domain, so we’re using passthrough authentication (same local admin account on both hypervisor and NAS).  Accessing the NAS’s share via the hypervisor, we have no issues browsing subfolders, creating
test .txt files, or changing permissions on test files, suggesting it’s not a permissions or authentication problem.

What should we be trying next?  Thanks for your help!

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Hyper-V Networking


     I am sure this question has been asked before, however I have been unable to get this issue fixed. First, let me describe what I am trying to do. I want to setup a home lab with 3 servers, one to be the AD/DC, another for SharePoint and
finally a SQL server. I have 3 server 2016 datacenter servers setup currently. No other software installed at this time. I wanted to get the network issues fixed before proceeding. Right now I have network access on all three servers using "obtain ….

So far every attempt I have made to give what will be the AD/DC  server a static IP has failed. No network connectivity. 

I am more of a programmer and network connection issues are not my specialty. 

Any advice on setting up the Hyper-V network?

thank you

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Hyper-V Integrated Time Synchronization Service with NTP?

Hello there!

I’ve heard various debates on this but nothing current and no real good sources for reasoning. It would be good to find the current standing of this in 2019:

What is the ideal configuration of the Hyper-V Integrated Time Synchronization service in an environment where NTP is also used? For example, let’s say there are a 4-6 VMs acting as NTP servers for other VMs on a network (please don’t instead focus that
it isn’t a ‘best practice’ configuration — that is off topic). Will the two time services interact with each other? Should Hyper-V Time Sync be disabled on the client VMs and/or the VMs running NTP services?

Thanks in advance!

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New KB articles published for the week ending 12th January, 2019

vCloud Availability for vCloud How to check the HMS UUID in its local database and in the lookup service for vCloud Availability for vCloud Director Date published: 1/9/2019  Dell EMC Avamar for VMware Cloud on AWS Date published: 1/8/2019 A VMware Cloud Foundation upgrade fails at stage ‘JRE_UPGRADE_STAGE’ Date published: 1/10/2019 Javascript error is thrown

The post New KB articles published for the week ending 12th January, 2019 appeared first on VMware Support Insider.

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Hyper-V | Mouse not captured in Remote Desktop session. | 16/01/19

Mouse not captured in Remote Desktop session.

Dear person reading this,

I have tried many solutions found on different forums.
All the solutions i tried didn’t seem to work.

The solutions i tried was:

  • Installing the Guest opperation system
  • Installing Intergration Services (Option wasn’t available in dropdown menu)
  • Deleting the "VM Guest Additions or something similair to that. (Wasn’t there)


  • We have Hyper-V server 2016.
  • Connecting with the Hyper-V Server through "Remote Desktop Session". (Probebly the cause of this problem)
  • Other VM’s work fine, this newly created VM is the only VM with this problem.
  • Mouse pointer is a "tiny black box".
  • when clicking gives the error message "Mouse not captured in Remote Desktop Session."
  • VM was created from a .vhdx from custommers HDD (shouldn’t be the problem, worked before in other cases)
  • Am able to use the keyboard and nevigate through the OS.

If anyone has a solution pleas contact me.

Kind regards,


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Hyper-V Disk Issue

Today in morning we faced issues regarding cluster disk failures.

Below is the error we faced.

The validation report is run and found some warning can some expert help me to understand.

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Hyper-V host and VM sometime stop responding and not coming back until turn it off and back on


We have been having this issue for years and have no clue how to solve. 

We have several Hyper-V hosts (Physical HP servers running Windows server 2012 R2 ) on premises and have around 2-4VMs sitting on each host server. These host servers and VMs sitting on them sometimes stop working.

the issue is the following:

When the issue happens to host, the
host suddenly stops responding (unable to access shared folder, RDP and other services) but still pigable. VMs sitting on the problematic host is still functioning like normal. 

When the issue happens to VMs, the VM suddenly stops responding (unable to access shared folder, RDP and other services) but still pingable.

When the issue happens to VMs, I still can see "Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to sign in" screen from the Hyper-V console
but unable to log in,

When this happens, I cannot do anything so I turn the VM off from Hyper-V console (if we shut it down  from Hyper-V console, it will stuck for 10-20 mins and give us an error). when this happens to a host server, I just do a hard shutdown.

any help or information would be really appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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HDX: A WebRTC manifesto

The HDX team’s mission is to deliver a high definition user experience that is as good as local — or better! We abide by that with every feature we develop.

Our graphics-remoting stack is constantly pushing the limit of what …


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Unable to expand VHD on Win 2012 R2 HyperV due to checkpoint

Hi Team,

I have a critical file server running on Windows server 2012 R2 two node Hyper V cluster, one of the data volume is running out of space, when i tried to expand the VHD the edit option is grayed out like shown in the below screenshot.

I read some articles which says if there is a checkpoint available on the VM,i will not be able to edit the VHD, as you can see there is a checkpoint taken on 12/01/2018 

I am worried if i delete the checkpoint , will i loose data , my question are as below.

1) Will deleting the checkpoint allow me to edit and expand the VHD is the checkpoint preventing me from expanding the VHD?

2) What is correct way to delete the VHD?

3) Will there be a data loss if i delete the VHD?


TechGUy,System Administrator.

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Hyper-V Host Cannot Ping anything past the virtual switch, but guest VMs can reach everything in network

After the latest windows patch, all guest VMs on the host machine can reach the entire network without issue, but the host machine cannot reach anything past the virtual switch except for guest VMs.

So I cannot remote desktop into the host except if I remote desktop into a guest VM first, then from there remote into the host machine. 

Server uses Broadcomm NICs, latest driver (confirmed) and I tried removing and adding each NIC into the team (read somewhere that fixed someone else’s issue). Neither have worked.

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