Options for hyper-v for a small school

I’m about to start setting up a server for a small school (Windows Server 2016 Std). In the interests of providing access to students who are interested in the Linux world (and my own desire to tinker), I’ll provide Debian in a VM. My question is: is it
preferable to install hyper-v on the "bare metal", then Windows Server as one VM, and Debian as another VM, or install Windows Server first, then the hyper-v role, and Debian as a VM under hyper-v under Windows server, i.e.

Hardware |

—Hyper-v |

——-VM—Windows server



Hardware |

—Windows Server with hyper-v |


The Windows server will be doing all the administrative work - AD with 3 OUs, file+print, backups, WSUS, deployment, etc. The Debian machine will serve as a playground, but it might just become a production environment if one or more students decide
to make a school intranet, or similar. Thanks

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