One of our VM faild to start… Big problem…

Hi guy’s,

We have a VM (hyper v) that had an unallocated space. 

I tried to transfer that spase to host. So I power off this VM and run the powershell.. " Resize-VHD -ToMinimumSize…" now my VM is refusing to power on.. 

What Can I do now? I need that VM.. 

I tried to inspect the avhdx but didn’t get reconnect option.. 

I enter to the settings of the VM I can see that the attached AVHDX is referring to a small file:

and this is the that the VM uses:

But It couldn’t be a small file because I know that this VM has much more (16Tb +-)  so, Can I reconnect The 16…KB file to the VM?

I’f I try to do that I get this warning:

What Should I do? 



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