Networking issue / question

Have been fighting this for awhile and it was working for awhile, but something seems to have changed so back to the drawing board.

Running Hyper-V on my Laptop, to run labs and test environments, and run into a lot of network issues where I do not get good connection on the VM or lose network connection on my laptop when the VMs are turned on.

Goal I am setting up is multiple VMs using internal switches, and a router vm running PFSense that handles the routing.  For the router VM I figure the best option would be to use the Default Switch for the WAN adapter.

From reading I have heard of issues and needs to disable the "Intel Access Filter driver" check box on the virtual adapters that created on the laptop, but not sure if this has truly helped or not, it seemed to, but being I am again seeing network
drops I figure I need to configure something differently.

The reason for the PFSense router, is I am setting up a full environment of VMs (AD, SCCM, client machines), and it handles DHCP for me for the VMs and handles the routing for network boot and all that.

Anybody seen this issue where network constantly drops or gets very slow when setting up VMs, and are there any tips for best way to setup the network connections to avoid this problem when using Hyper V on mostly Wifi.

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