Network interfaces for Hyper-V – 2x40G or 4x10G

Dear Experts !

I am getting ready to build a 10 node Hyper-V cluster with Windows Server 2016. Its going to be on blade and each blade server has 2x40GB Interface for network and 2x10G interface for storage traffic (iscsi). But an alternate option OEM suggested is to go
with 4x10G for network and 2x10G for storage.

If I choose 2x40G, Since I have only 2 physical interfaces on the server, which are getting connected through two different Top of the Rack switches - Need teaming to achieve availability. 

On top of the teamed virtual interface - Need to build virtual interface for Management, Hyper-V Data traffic and Live-migration with specific VLANs.

Is this approach good? Is there a way to limit bandwidth on the virtual interface? 

Or the traditional segregation of physical network interfaces is still the right approach?

Appreciate if you can provide any documentation/guidance/suggestions on this.

Cheers !


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