Moving VMs from one HV server to another

A. Windows 2012R2 HV Stand Alone Host. 

B. Windows 2016 HV Stand Alone Host.

Server A and server B are in the same subnet.

Would like to move existing VMs from HV Host A to HV Host B.  A and B servers are stand alone (workgroup), not joined, therefore Migrations
do not appear possible. 

I would like recommendation on possible options listed below, or any better option I may not be considering:

  1. Replication seems possible:
    1. Involves certificate configurations.
    2. Not sure about using this to move the VMs is the best idea, as it’s primarily for failover. 
  2. Shut down VMs on server A and Robocopy-ing the VHDX files from server A to server B:
    1. At least one VHDX file is over a TB; may take a long time to copy and will be a lot of downtime.
    2. Unsure of any issues this method may present.  Have seen vhd permissions issues with HV, that while aren’t insurmountable, I’d rather avoid.
  3. Create new VHDX on server B using the "copy contents of the specified virtual disk" method using UNC path to VHDX files on server A:
    1. Can this method work? 
    2. Must the VM of the VHDX files being copied be shutdown, or can the VM for the VHDX files being copied remain online/running?

If option 3 can work, this may avoid HV permission problems that can occur when copying in VHD(x) files, and if HV can create a VHDX based on
another VHDX via UNC while the VHDX being copied is online/running, this would be ideal.  It seems possible that it can copy an online VHDX (via VSS), but I wouldn’t be surprised that the VHDX file must be offline for option 3 to work at all.  As
long as option 3 is similar to option 2 (robocopy), with no risk to the original VHDX on server A or permission issues, then I would prefer option 3.

Option 1 (replication) may seem the best in terms of uptime (VMs on server A can remain online).  However, we won’t be "failing back"
to server A.  So we’d be setting up replication for a different purpose than it was intended. 

As I haven’t used replication previously, i’m unsure of the consequences of using it for a one-way move.  However, if going one-way isn’t
a big deal, then it may be worth configuring this option.

Finally, I do not think there will be any issues with running the VHDX VM that were on a W2012R2 HV server, on a W2016 HV server, but please let me know if there are any.

Please advise.

Thank you in advance.

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