Moving VM’s from Hyper-V Win10 V8.2 to WIN2016 having problems

We have the problem, that some of our development machines use a WIN10 (1803) Hyper-V situation to run VM’s.
(as easy as it is to develop on your local WIN10 development machine)

After development we want (have) to move the ready VM’s to a WIN2016 (1607 up to date) Hyper-V environment for professional management and control.

But exporting from the WIN10 enviroment (export is succeeding) and restoring is not possible

Creating a new server on the WIN2016 and using the VHDX of the export, gives the result of ‘no boot failure’ and a not starting VM.
Copying the Original VHD or VHDX gives the same result!

What to do?

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