Managementos Virtual Adapters do not receive IP address from ICS DHCP Server


The goal of the project that I am working on is to create a subnet, with DHCP and NAT, of virtual adapters on the management OS.

(Please do not question why I would do such a thing)

To accomplish this I created a hyper-v Internal Virtual Switch with the command

New-VMSwitch -SwitchName "V Switch" -SwitchType Internal

and I also created multiple virtual adapters connected to that switch.

Add-VMNetworkAdapter -ManagementOS -Name "V Adapter1" -SwitchName "V Switch”
Add-VMNetworkAdapter -ManagementOS -Name "V Adapter2" -SwitchName "V Switch”
Add-VMNetworkAdapter -ManagementOS -Name "V Adapter3" -SwitchName "V Switch”

Then connected a physical adapter (connected to the internet) to the internal virtual switch using Internet connection sharing (ICS). Which turned the internal virtual switch’s adapter into a gateway with Ip address The other adapters, V Adapter1
ect…, should be apart of the subnet and get an Ip address in the range but they do not get responses from Internet connection sharing’s DHCP server and have APIPA addresses.

I tested to see if I could get an Ip address from a VM attached to the internal virtual switch and the VM was able to get the Ip address from the DHCP server just fine.

I also tested to see if I could get an Ip address using the ManagementOs virtual adapter "V Adapter1" by using a custom protocol driver that spoofed the source mac address (send DHCP discover with different MAC) and set the adapter in promiscuous
mode(Receive messages with MACs other than the adapters own MAC). It was also able to get an Ip address.

Does anyone have any idea why the ManagementOs virtual adapters are not able to get an Ip address from ICS’s DHCP server?

Also forgot to mention that if I set a static Ip address for the ManagementOs virtual adapters they work all perfectly fine. It just seems like the DHCP discover message is ignored by ICS if it is from the ManagementOs virtual adapters.

Any ideas of why this happens or a way to get Ip address for ManagementOs virtual adapters from the ICS DHCP server would be a great help.


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