Manage Hyper-V Core Cluster Workgroup (without domain): "List Disks" failed with "The remote procedure call failed"


Before writing I have read hundreds of posts, articles, … and I have enabled all the permissions/parameters to permit the connection without domain.

I have installed an Hyper-V 2019 Core Cluster Workgroup (without domain): it functions perfectly.

I can connect to the nodes with Hyper-V Manager from my PC (in domain).

But when I try to connect to the cluster with Failover Cluster Manager:

  • the name in the tree has a red down arrow
  • the cluster status is "Down"
  • the cluster service status is "Running" for all nodes

If I run a Validation Test, I have the following error: "List Disks" failed with "The remote procedure call failed" and in the Event Viewer I have the error 81 "LogExtendedErrorInformation (974): Extended RPC error information:".

Thank you in advance for your support.


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