MAC flapping with SET vSwitch


Our network guys recently reported that they’re observing flapping MAC addresses between physical switches.

After analysis, we found out that the reported MACs are VMs’ MACs on various standalone Hyper-V hosts. We use SET vSwitches (Switch-embedded teaming with Dynamic distribution) on all hosts. The flapping MACs are only from some VMs on some hosts and in case
also MACs of the pNICs on the host.

Each Hyper-V host is physically connected using 2 (or 4) pNICs with 1 (or 2) connections to every physical switch (total of 2).

According to documentation (
this shouldn’t be happening and Hyper-V should be replacing the MAC when communicating over the non-affinitized member.

Any ideas what could be wrong? Some misconfiguration or bug?

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