Left over Snapshots files for a VM, filling volume

When a cluster volume got too full Veeam B&R started to fail on the affected VMs. I have moved some VMs to a different Volume to test that they will back up in the correct circumstances, but most of the extra space (unexpected) that’s filled the volume
is for a specific VM which has a lot of snapshot files left after the backup. 

The VM itself is using AVHDX files instead of both its assigned VHDs.

Veeam Support told me to try shutting down the VM from Failover Cluster Manager (not the host OS) and that should merge the snapshots but this hasn’t worked. Veeam said that anything beyond that could involve data loss and I should call Microsoft.

My understanding is that the VM needs to be shut down and that the avhdx files need to be converted to VHD files in order to resolve this issue. I am also warned that simply removing the unused avhdx files will cause the VM to fail.

I have also noted that if I try and move this VM it is showing only the avhdx files that are connected to the VM, and not any of the parents which I see for each avhdx that I’ve inspected on this machine.


This makes me hesitant to move the VM in order to back it up. What should I do?

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