Learn How Healthcare Leaders Are Taking the Public Cloud Plunge with VMware vCloud Air

As was announced at the 2017 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition last week, IT budgets in the healthcare industry continue to rise as does the demand for experts. The healthcare industry is facing an unprecedented combination of competitive, regulatory, and financial pressures that must be addressed through increased innovation and operational efficiency. In order to meet these modern-day challenges, IT decision-makers in healthcare are taking advantage of the public cloud to build a truly agile infrastructure that accelerates innovation, ensures scalability, and improves overall productivity.


In the midst of this pressure on healthcare IT leadership to shepherd their organizations onto a secure public cloud platform, decision-makers are also eager to complement their existing technology investments. IT staff in the trenches simply don&#rsquo;t have time for solutions that could hinder critical patient care and other essential services in a time-consuming, haphazard integration. Fortunately for existing VMware vSphere end-users, the transition to utilizing the public cloud to future-proof and strengthen their data center structure has been largely painless thanks to the strategic adoption of vCloud Air. vCloud Air is the secure, dedicated public cloud for VMware workloads—built by VMware, on vSphere, for VMware end-users.

Ultimately, vCloud Air empowers users to seamlessly bridge to the public cloud with existing vSphere workloads and third-party applications. Adopting vCloud Air unlocks new opportunities for healthcare IT staff to kick-start critical new application development as well. It also plays a critical role in the support needs of cutting-edge research and ensuring the reliable security and compliance of patient data.


From disaster recovery to creating secure data center extensions, take a moment to further explore how healthcare organizations have transformed their infrastructure with vCloud Air in this new ebook, Solving Healthcare IT Challenges with the Public Cloud and VMware.


Learn more about VMware vCloud Airand VMware on Healthcare.

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