Issue in Sharing LUN between 2 VMs on Standalone Hyper-V Hosts

We have two standalone Hyper-V hosts running on Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition. On each Hyper-V host multiple VMs are created. For few VMs we want to configure
Failover Cluster i.e. one node from one Hyper-V host and another node from another Hyper-V host will be members of 2 Node Failover Cluster.

Now while configuring this Failover Cluster for 2 VMs, we have mapped 1 GB Quorum Disk LUN to each Hyper-V host and later on mapped it in both VMs as a Pass-through
Disk. Now this LUN is visible in both VMs as a disk and can be accessed. But while validating Cluster Configuration receiving error as "Failed while verifying removal of any Persistent Reservation on physical disk bca9b56b at node" and
Quorum Disk goes offline.

Also when checked found data written through Node 1 is not visible to Node 2. So this configuration is correct or do we need to use any other mechanism to resolve this issue?
Do we need to configure "Virtual SAN Manager" in Hyper-V host and later on we need to add "Fibre Channel Adapter" in those VM to assign this Quorum Disk LUN?

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