Internal switch reset to public network profile after each reboot

Hi, I’ve created an internal switch with NAT (Windows 10 Pro for Workstation, OS Build 17763.529) and added to the switch some VMs. I set the profile to private using Power Shell, in order to allow the host and the guests to see each other. The internal
switch is bundled with the Default Switch as Unidentified network, and executing the Power Shell command on it changes the Default Switch’s network profile to private too.

But after reboot the profiles of Default Switch and the internal switch are reset to Public. Changing the Networks List Manager Policies of
Unidentified network to private with secpol.msc leads to problems in the creation of the Default Switch on startup.

Is there a way to preserve the Internal Switch private status after reboot, without having to execute the Set-NetConnectionProfile every time?

Thanks for your help, Marco

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