HyperV over SMB to SAN


We have recently setup a new set of HyperV hosts, running on HPE Synergy. We are connecting to a pre-existing SAN that also hosts SR’s for Citrix XenServer. We would like to minimise the work required on the SAN so we have simply created an SMB 3.0 share
on the SAN specifically for HyperV.

We have 5 hosts that for the purpose of this we will call HV1 - HV5. They are set up in a cluster and each has two NICs. One on the LAN and one on the SAN. We have setup Kerberos delegation and we can create VMs on each host and live migrate between them,
that all works fine.

The issue is we can only add, remove or modify disks on the host that is currently hosting the VM, we cannot do it from another host or a machine running RSAT. This includes creating VM’s. We get an error stating that the user name or password is incorrect.
Can I make it clear that this is NOT the usual ‘General access denied" error that you get when delegation is not done. When checking the logs it seems to be mentioning the SID of the particular admin that is logged in at the time, all of which have full
access to the SMB share and NTFS permissions.

Does anyone know what is missing here for this to not work? The SMB permissions on the SAN share are set to full control for the AD group containing the hosts, cluster object and domain administrators. Everything is ok with the VMs but it’s frustrasting
not being able to manage the disks remotely through RSAT or from another of the hosts within the cluster.

Is this by design or is something not quite configured correctly?

Thanks in advance,


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