Hyperv Nic Issue

Hi Hope someone can assist 

I have copied a VM servers data drives  from  a backup of a DELL hyperv server to a different Hyperv server of the same spec, 

I have re created the server and attached the drives, when I boot up the server ( server 2016) it loads ok and lets me log in BUT

the Virtual nic adapter has a red cross, when I go look at it, it is missing ip4 and ip6 protocols, if I try add them I get the error "could not add the requested feature, the error is: cannot create file when file already exists"

I have removed all old network devices from device manager and also tried recreating the network on the HyperV Host 

I have a second also copied server running on this backup server ( server2012r2) attached to the same virtual network and this is ok. 

any ideas what would cause this

thanks in advance


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