HyperV 2012 Pfsense vlan support?

Hi guys.

I have a issue with a hyperV 2012 and pfsense 2.3.x which is working without issues.

Pfsense get 2 interfaces hn0(LAN), hn1(wan).

Now, we got a cisco switch core which manage all the vlans, we got routes inside pfsense and the lan gw is the switch core ip, if pfsense need to contact other vlan is use the switch core for that.

Now, I add a new vlan inside switch core and inside pfsense, we setup all, pfsense port is trunk, we add a client in a port mode access but I can see that pfsense driver hn0 won’t support vlans, right?

What options we have to make our pfsense talk to a vlan?

Thanks all for your help.

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