hyper-v windows 2012 R2 – Move VM from one drive to another drive on the same Hyper-v server questions?


I have two Hyper-V servers windows 2012 R2 (one is primary & other is Secondary)

- on primary hyperv- i have two virtual machines -a) DC server, b) SQL server

- Replication enabled for only one Virtual machine i.e."SQL server" between two hyperv server (primary & secondary)

- disk space becoming full on VM - SQL server, so we are adding more sas drives with new raid-5 configure

- After add disk i want to move this VM -SQL server to this new disk so will have more space.

- Need to know the correct procedure/steps for move this VM -"SQL server" & if need to take any precaution if it fails because     this SQL server is my business production server.

- Do I need to make any folder as share on new disk?, Do i need to have enough on the existing disk (my SQL server is around 400 GB but I have left space only 60GB free)?,

I want to take full precaution because as i said this is my production server.

- In my knowledge first I would need to pause replication, than stop virtual machine, detach any scsi drives from VM (i have external hdd attached for regular backup), then use MOVE command for Hyperv manager.


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