Hyper-V vCPU/vCPU ratio help

Hi everyone,

Hoping I can get some clarification.  I work with sizing servers for VDI deployments and we have methods for CPU ratios and have primarily done work on ESX.  We are now testing on Hyper-V and it seems like all of our knowledge on vCPU/pCPU utilization
are out the window.  When using ‘apples-to-apples’ images and workloads to test, we see Hyper-V being MUCH more efficient in CPU utilization.  We are recording % Total Core Util for ESX and Total % Hyper-v Logical proc for Hyper-V.  From what
I am reading, it looks like Hyper-V doesn’t even remotely record or monitor CPU in the same way as ESX.  Hyper-threading is taken into consideration when doing Hyper-V? And not ESX?  Its typically physical CPUs to core with ESX, right?  The
more blogs and technet articles I read, the muddier it appears when coming up with a ratio for Hyper-V vCPU ratio to physical CPU 

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