Hyper-V ultrawide monitor resolution support

I’m trying out Hyper-V for the first time after using VirtualBox and VMware for several years. Technical issues with a development environment are forcing me to use/try Hyper-V. Anyway, my host is Windows 10 Pro, guest is also Windows 10 Pro. I have an ultrawide
monitor (2560×1080).

It’s worth noting that I purposely disabled Enhanced Session mode because you have to use a password when logging in to Windows under RDP, and I have a very strong Microsoft account password set that I don’t enjoy typing out every time… so I use a PIN.
In order to log in with a PIN, you cannot use Enhanced Session.

Now, with that said, the issue I’m running in to with Full Screen mode without Enhanced Session, is the largest resolution I’m able to get in the guest OS is 1920×1080.

Is there any way to get support for 2560×1080 without using Enhanced Session mode?

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