Hyper-V replication and resynchronization failures


We user Windows Hyper-V Replication for a particular VM which has been failing since the end of last year and not been noticed!  The replication health is critical and the only option available was to resynchronize.  I have tested the connection
and firewall rules and ensured that the two Hyper-V hosts can connect to each other on the appropriate ports, and then last night I started a manual resync from the primary VM (the only option available).

This has run throughout the night and produced numerous incidences of event ids 32315 and 32088 in the Hyper-V-VMMS event log.  There was no apparent replication activity on the host or replica server (using netstat to see what remote addresses had
connections established on port 80), so I cancelled the resynchronization this morning (the VM’s VHD is 40Gb in size).  On cancellation, the AVHD file on the Primary host cleared, as did the checkpoint in Hyper-V Manager, but it hasn’t cleared on the
Replica host, and there is still a replica checkpoint in Hyper-V Manager (the remaining avhd file is 352Kb).

There is also a 1Mb .hrl file left on the primary server as well and a 40Mb hru file on the replica server.

The only replication option still available is to resynchronize, but I don’t want the possibility of another checkpoint getting created and stuck on the replica or primary server and making the situation worse.  I also have limited reboot options as
we are required to give notice to reboot the VM and it is in production.

Does anyone have any suggestions before I look at removing and recreating replication for the VM?


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