Hyper-V Querries Slow Outside VM

My PC/Host Machine:

  • PC
  • Windows 10 PRO
  • 64GB
  • Xeon Processor
  • Quadro 9000
  • Dinky Little Thumb Driver Wifi Adapter

The VM:

  • 8GB RAM
  • 4 Virtual Processors
  • Hardware Acceleration > Virtual Machine Queue: Set to Off/Disabled
  • Windows Server 2012 R2

All setup on my local PC, no external networking should be required. When I connect to the VM thru the Hypervisor RDP window or via Teamviewer, my Oracle database queries are nice and fast.

However when I do those same queries from the host machine, they tend to run slow at first, like if the device has been sitting a while. They sometimes get fast too… the speed measurement seems to putter like a muffler or something. Sometimes its
way to slow, like 2 minutes to retrieve 10 simple database rows… I’ve tested on the VM and on the host machine the same query simultaneously, the VM is less than .1 seconds to respond, the host machine is long, minutes.

VQM seemed like the most likely cause so I disabled it. The interwebs also recommended disabling it on the physical network adapter, but the setting is found there on this dinky little USB Wifi Adapter.

Any help is appreciated



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