Hyper-v physical disk help


I’m having an issue setting up a server 2016 VM on a hyper-V server 2016. I installed 4 2TB disks to setup a mirrored array on the server, so when I setup that VM I added the 4 disks as physical disks in the SCSI controller in hyper-v manager, and everything
seemed fine. Power loss occurred a week later, and I noticed that the server VM hadn’t auto-started because it couldn’t find the physical disks. The hyper-v had partially taken control of the storage pool and I couldn’t pass it through to the server VM. I
figured it might have been a one-off so I wiped the disks and took them offline to add them to the server again, so once again it worked fine. but a few weeks later we lost power, and again the server VM had lost the disks, this clearly isn’t a good procedure
to have to rebuild the array every time the server turns off.

I assume I’m doing something horribly wrong, but I am just at a loss. I can provide any additional info if someone would be willing to help me out.

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