Hyper-V Manager not able to connect the Local Server

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1. Issue Description: 
Hyper-V Manager not able to connect the Local Server - Shows connecting to Virtual Machine Manager Service state and did not connect. Hyper-V Host shows Host Not Responding in the SCVMM console
Due to which VDIs were not launching to newly connecting users as just disappearing

2. Temporary Fix:
If we restart the server, the issue will be resolved but the current active users gets impacted. 
Need to power on all the VDIs and ensured all got registered state
And also the same issue keep on re-occurring frequently and affecting production users

3. Troubleshooting Steps Taken:
We tried to restart the service SCVMM and WS-Remote Management service which got restarted. But still the issue persists.
When we restart the WMI Service, one of its dependent service Hyper-V Virtual Machine Manager (vmms.exe) goes to stopping state and neither stopped nor restarted.
Tried to kill the vmms.exe process from task manager and via command prompt using the commands but it never destroyed. 
It says cannot stop the Virtual machine manager service, already another running instance exists, access denied (when kills process from task manager), etc.
Until the server reboot the issue will not be resolved.

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